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What This Book with a Mouse Is

This book with a mouse has only the advertising part here.

I wrote the book in my native language, in Romanian. I have translated just this Advertising into English, but I will not translate anything else, because that is not a job for me, it is a job for a professional translator!

I will look for a professional translator and the best can be somebody who will read the Romanian book (it is here!) will see an opportunity for him/her!

If you are a translator from Romanian to English and you want to be a partner for the book I wrote in Romanian, then you are welcome; to find me will not be difficult. The translation of this book with a mouse is challenging: you don't have to translate just words, sentences, but also Romanian expressions, proverbs, jokes, elements of Romanian culture and something more: to find web links to those I found in Romanian, but in English and this is challenging, different from the normal work of a professional translator, from one language to another one! This book with a mouse needs a partner, I am the author in ... Romanian, YOU can be ... the English translator, starting with the translation of my translation for this Advertising!

Any reader, please come back for the whole book with a mouse in December 2020, when I hope, doing everything I can do, in the company of (If Read More is not visible then scroll down on the right side of that frame and click Read More for more) COVID-19 , or better video summary, I will have the complete translation from Romanian into English.

In the spring of 1984 I completed all the necessary forms for the Security Service and the O.J.Tourism of Sibiu to approve a trip to several countries in Europe (I was 40 years old) and Angela, my wife (she was almost 33 years old) and we were waiting for the approvals to come from those two parts. The one who guaranteed (without such a guarantee nobody left for Europe) that we would return home where we would leave our two sons, Edmond (11 years old) and Răzvan (9 years old) in the care of Pupi and Momo (Angela's parents) he was the President of the Mechanical Plant, a factory with more than 4,000 employees, of which Google has no information about where my last job was in Romania, one of many factories of the communist Sibiu:

communist Sibiu which is now just memories and history that have come memories and history! Why did I choose this link? For two reasons:
a) Independenţa, recognized as “ the country's chief mechanic ”, in the year of the Romanian Revolution which ended Ceausescu's communism it had reached almost 8,500 employees; communism had done something good, factories and factories, but the rest were only bad, I wrote about some of them in the book you started reading.
b) If in the year of the Revolution there were factories like Independenţa that only reached memory and history, then why did the wealth of a wonderful country becomes only memories and history?

Thank you Ramona Găină, the author of the article, for not answering this natural question, "What made Romania's wealth just memories and history"? I'll answer, an immigrant, a political refugee in America, from here, where I lived the last 34 years! Communism, defined as an ideology and philosophical, social, political and economic movement, was widespreaded as the most evolved system possible, after which another system cannot follow! It was not as the Communists trumpeted! In all the ex-communist countries, including Romania, communism ended with its "self-destruction", after which it was implemented a system that existed before, the capitalist system! It was a REVERSE process to the natural ones that existed before! It was a REVERSE process to the natural evolutions that existed up to it! The communist system, designed by Marx and Engels, first implemented in Russia, followed the capitalist system of Czarist Russia; it was a communism COMING FROM capitalism! The same was true in Romania: a communism COMING FROM capitalism! The system that followed the Revolution that ended Ceausescu's communism, was a capitalist system BACK FROM communism!

I described this COMING FROM and BACK FROM which explains "WHAT made Romania's wealth just memories and history" in Chapter VIII. Do you remember reading somewhere about communism COMING FROM capitalism & capitalism BACK FROM communism? I didn't read anywhere, because what you read I just wrote! I will describe communism-capitalism COMING FROM and BACK FROM in Chapter VIII_COMING FROM-BACK FROM , where I will use other complementary sources to define socialism and communism than those in this short ADVERTISING .

I return to the one who guarantees that we will return home from the trip through Europe, the President of the Mechanical Plant, Nicu Coman. He was the man of the Communist Party and of the Romanian Security and he and his wife had spent many vacations in Europe and did not worry about the approvals we were expecting. Angela and I planned that trip to escape to America, where I write now! Nights in a row, waiting for approval, I could not sleep, a thought killed me:
- How can I run away from him and his wife when he guarantees for me that I will return home !?
- How can I not run away from him and his wife when that is the only reason I want to go with them to Europe, to flee to America?!
This is Mârzescu’s dilemma "Either choice you take, you or someone else, ends tucked! That thought that killed me God took it from me!? In May '84 Coman was dismissed from the position of President as a consequence of a disagreement with the Party and Security and we received a letter from the OJT Office announcing our trip was NOT approved, without any explanation of the reason, it seemed natural to me after Coman's dismissal. From the Security I didn't receive either a response to our request and I did not even bother to call somewhere and ask, what to ask so as not to be answered:

- Comrade Barna, I believed you… are a man with his head on his shoulders. if Coman was thrown in the trash, what do you want to know?

So I was glad that at least I could sleep peacefully without that thought killing me anymore! The summer of 1984 I spent it without seeing Europe and even less ... America! So did the Comans, that year and next year, and I don't know how many more years.

But I found, thanks God, why didn't I leave in the summer of '84 on the trip we wanted to flee to America !? Now I'm writing to my computer in Antioch California! How's that? It was one of those few facts of my destiny about which, after I formulated how I see it, looking at all the facts of my life, how do I see a fact of destiny, I put it in the book you started reading along with the other facts of my destiny. You will see how God gave that summer of 1985 Angela and I to go, without Comans, on a trip to Europe, through Hungary, Austria, Germany, France ending it in a refugee camp in Italy, where in January 1986 I received the approval of the American Embassy in Rome for the status of political refugee from communist Romania of Ceausescu, one of two legal ways to be accepted a refugee in America, the other being a religious refugee, and on January 15th I landed in New York and from there I flew to Boston where our sponsor, my former colleague at C.T.C.E. in Sibiu, Sandu Raducanu took us to his home in Stow Massachusetts. In order to receive the approval of the American Embassy in Rome for the status of political refugee, I had to send to the Embassy the request for approval in which I had to explain the reasons why I requested this status, as a political refugee. The rumors from the refugee camp, because no one else knew but the rumors, was that if you were a member of Communist Party then America would NOT accept you! I was such a member of the Romanian Communist Party after I was 28 years old and you will read how I became. And then I had other nights where Mârzescu's dilemma killed me in a row, but I stayed ... alive. I will tell this story at the end of this ADVERTISING.

On August 17, 1986, I saw Edmond and Răzvan at the airport in New York, where only I met them, then the next morning they met with the head of the … White House, tanned a la California,, their mother Angela, after more than a year, you will see immediately in the second scene in the second scene from The REUNION with The head from The … White House!
Thus, at the age of 41, I came to America, the second world, a capitalist one, in which I have lived since then with my family, my wife Angela, our two sons Edmond and Răzvan and what has come … from them, for another 34 years.

That's why the title of this book is: “Well, of course I would have been born, if ... I knew!”, if .... I knew what my life would be like, looking at it as I was writing!
I hope you have a pleasant experience of your life seeing mine!

ADVERTISING for this book with a mouse

The need for this book to be with a mouse

We all live our lives together, each of us with our life experiences deciding all our actions. This is not easy and God alone knows why He allowed us to live life like this: each of us with some of the life experiences that NO ONE else has lived, but we do understand each other as brothers; we also sometimes make mistakes and I that's why I write what I write, to understand each other only as brothers, not as democrats consider us deplorable (when needed I will explain from whom I learned this word, deplorable, that I did not fly across the Atlantic with it in my vocabulary) I could give an example of such an experience of my life, an experience that I considered unique, only of my life (and it's a bad one), a bad one that, because I am not a choirboy. I could give an example but I do not give because it would help nothing since every reader will see it differently, everyone will see it from the perspective of his life experience and then what good should I give it?

I hesitated a lot until I decided to give you, not one but two examples who I am confident will better express everything I have written in this scene and any example in my life I would present. I hesitated for fear that if you saw them, you wouldn't have to read anything I wrote, so risk is my profession so I take it again!

Alan Jones Silva was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1982, and now he is an American citizen. I leave you in his company: Alan Silva at America's Got Talent 2020!

The second example:
incarcerated, without committing the crime for which he was convicted, after 37 years behind bars, Archie Williams, released in 2019, delivers Unforgettable Song - America's Got Talent 2020 each of us lives with the experience of his life that is not the same as anyone else's!
If you want to read some more then I keep writing!

- Wow, so something was not given to me to live, you would say, just as I would say if I read an example of a unique experience of your life! You will say Wow OR you will say as well as Nadia Comăneci, “The Goddess from Montreal”, said with a smirk, at the press conference immediately after landing in America "So what?".

You will say Wow OR "So what?" as the experience of my life will seem unique and meaningful to you OR it is not your job what I wrote, as it was none of Nadia's when she replied to TV reporters "So what?". I see Nadia laughing under a mustache because she only knows the value, the true weight of that "So what?".

I hope one day to read written by Nadia the true weight of that… word "SoWhat"; it's not a mistake, for the book you're going to write I did that

"So what" one word: “SoWhat”! It's yours Nadia, make him fly freely around the world like that "So what" it didn't leave you!

I will dedicate a Chapter to "Goddess of Montreal" where you will find many details about her famous "So what?", which I simply stole! Mine Wowww OR "So what?" are based on my entire set of information about the world I live in, while yours Wowww OR "So what?" are based on your whole set of information about the world you live in! They can be the same only if Wowww OR "So what?" about an example of a unique experience of our lives is based on a common set throughout our entire set of information about the world we live in! If all people on Earth had the same set of information about the world we live in then there was only one TV channel for News, one newspaper for News and many others ... only one! Then it would be just right for George Soros to trumpet the New World Order, the Globalization of the whole world, THEN , not NOW ; but that's not the case! The problem is that Soros does NOT want to know this!
I Didn't Start the Fire –by Billy Joel neither Jon Stewart with - The Manchurian Lunatic ,
It Started on Fox News -The Plot Against George Soros Didn’t Start in Hungary ; Bill O'Reilly, the former Fox News host, has focused obsessively on George Soros since 2007! I didn’t start the fire now in 2020, Fox News had started in 2007 to actually stop the fire that had been started long before, started by… Soros' Globalization!?
Money, Mr. Soros, can buy ONLY what is for sale, such as the dignity of Angela Merkel and the Clintons; I have nothing for sale and that's ALL I have to say now!
Only once in my life I said Wowww AND immediately "So what?"! When I said “I Do”in May 1971, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Sibiu, Romania, I didn't know how many fires I would have to go through to keep the promise made there before God saying: “I Do”?!

In the first weeks of our marriage, Angela, who was just graduating high school in the summer of 1970, in a heated conversation she tells me: You would be blind if you didn't see this thing clearly as I see it (something I don't even remember). If you don't see that thing clearly as I see it, then you think that if you're an electronics engineer you're smarter than others, like others maybe, but ... not like me!

First I said Wowww because I never expected anyone to come to such a firm conclusion “but ... not like me”, after a first controversial and then I said "So what?", but not with Nadia's tone and smile but with my tone and not... mine smile! So what if Angela made me say Wowww after her but ... not like me? The light bulbs in my head lit up one after another at a higher speed than I could have imagined could ignite and control my brain which thought … alone:

- I just said at the Cathedral “I Do”; I promised Angela before God everything that comes out of “I Do”. So what she thinks differently than me, I told myself, and how each of us thinks influences the life of the other then there is no point here!

I'll do everything to help her to realize that the way she came to a conclusion but ... not like me it was not based on what a firm conclusion should be based on, on the whole set of information you need to reach a correct conclusion, and even then is not sure ... that you will reach that correct conclusion!

This incident helped me to seek to find out, in order to make peace with Angela and I found out, WHY such controversies between people happen almost daily? Why do I say so confident and I found out? Thirty years later, in America, Angela surprised me by telling me, right Angela?:
- Gelu, all I heard and saw from you I stole (as you like to say when you steal wisdom from wherever you go) and has helped me in life since the beginning of our marriage! It stayed on the tip of my tongue to add to what Angela said “since the beginning of our marriage”, to add "after that but ... not like me”, but well I didn't! That's why we are today as we were 49 years ago when I said “I DO”?!

Thanks Angela! I will describe how I learned WHY such controversies between people happen almost daily in the section HoHoHooo, HoHoHooo in Chapter VII! More fascinating than the experiences of my life that NO ONE else has lived. It seems to me the experiences of my life that I did not live until I lived the last! And the last one I experienced was today, February 2, 2020, 02/02/2020!
I was returning home after a short visit to a friend in San Diego, eager to see the Super Bowl Live match in which our team 49ers plays vs. Kansas City Chiefs.

The Australian Open at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne this morning when the plane from San Diego flew to take me home I scheduled it to be booked, to see it after the big Super Bowl.

The flight Commander, probably one of Serbia, the country where Novak Djokovic was born, proudly announced at one point, that Novak won the Australian Open in a dramatic 5-set match! At that moment I said to myself:
- Now I want to see you Eugene what are you doing, are you watching a match where you know who the winner is OR you are looking live at the Australian Open final ... next year? After watching Super Bowl LIV, the next day I watched Novak's match with Dominic Thiem with more eyes than I would have if I didn't know who won the match, I forgot to see HOW and WHEN Novak played won a thrilling match of 5 sets! It was a fascinating experience of my life, to look at something with eyes other than ALWAYS ! Knowing that there were 5 sets I could select to watch about two hours of recording!

It was a really fascinating, exciting match between a superstar, Novak and another who will probably be a superstar, Austrian Dominic Thiem. After three sets Dominic was leading by 2-1 and had to win only one set to win the first Grand Slam of his career (after he had been defeated in all three Grand Slam finals he had played)

I do not know with what other eyes I saw this final but I did not see HOW and WHEN Novak won: Thiem vs Djokovic.

If you watched video then you saw the final in just 4:57 min! Did you see HOW and WHEN Novak defeated Dominic, I did not see it?!

The same thing happened for the spectators who look at a magician to see how magic works and the closer they look at it the less they would see! I did not see HOW and WHEN Novak defeated Dominic but I saw the most unusual tennis match I have ever seen; I looked with other eyes, knowing the end result, I could see the pure beauty of the tennis game, not a tennis match and I will never forget this tennis game; I had seen the beauty of many tennis matches, but never the beauty of a tennis game! Everything is to see beauty in everything you see! My book with a mouse brought you to the Super Bowl LIV & Australian Open finals in… 15 minutes! I leave it up to YOU reader (and because we will always change impressions, I will tell you only YOU , OK? ), I leave it up to YOU to evaluate what my story was like by reading it in a printed book OR in a one with a mouse, where I can bring real life to your computer screen! I will only write about experiences of my life that you can say about Wow OR "So what?" and nothing more; you will see them through the experience of your life.

I will write about my friendship with Mircea Lucescu and all those from whom I could steal a grain of wisdom: Legend of the Grain of Wisdom!

Each of us lives his life with experiences gathered from the facts lived since he knows that he exists in this world, the nature of some facts lived is unique to each of us, experiences that NO ONE else has lived, the nature of other facts is common! The nature of those unique facts added to the traits with which God made us and we call them the "disputed" nature of man, the human nature ! God created us to be ALL likewise, IN FAITH and then He let us be FREE, like the birds of the sky, from where we got ourselves, besides the good ones some of the … NOT so good, even some satanic ones; be careful what you take alone, from those good OR from those NOT so good ones, those that we need OR those that we like and we just want to have them, because those make you who you are! Only God can judge us (and He judges us) if we have taken the good OR the NOT so good, because that is how He made us, He let us choose for ourselves and he also gave us his law, the OR law in which he told us that between two deeds of destiny the rest are only our DECISIONS: this way OR the other way; you will read what I wrote about the OR law: this way OR the other way!

We live as the Lord gives, but how the Lord wants us to live we should live! That is why we are all LIKEWISE and then each one of us is DIFFERENT from any other man and thus each finds his way in life!

Wow you might say if I tell you that I have lived on two continents, 41 years in Europe and 34 years in America, in two different systems, one communist in Romania another one capitalist in the USA, I lived in two camps, the camp

of the intelligent, with evidence of their level of intelligence (diploma of higher studies), faculty colleagues and colleagues from the Electronic Computing Center Sibiu and here in America it is enough if I call Mr. Presley, and in the camp of the wise, without proof of their level of intelligence, only footballers whose level of wisdom I saw every day,

I also lived with the members of the Communist Party around me and without them! A dual way of life that I don't have both is to be married to an Angela and an Angelo from Verona, yeah I'm not curious! Why Angelo from Verona? Because I saw that there live many Angelo, in those six months in 1985 when I waited in Italy for the approval of the American Embassy in Rome for the political refugee from Ceausescu's Romania communist country status! I am writing this to understand from the beginning about many things I wrote in the book you will read! I decided to write a book with the title “Well, of course I would have not been born, if ... I knew!” if ... I knew that American Democrats want Socialism in America, in 2018; then in 2018 I first heard them barking every day and I didn't know where this is drawn from so without the preamble and, among other things, I immediately thought “Well, of course I would have not been born, if .......” and I started working to see from where, suddenly, they got this nonsense with Socialism?! I knew the truth of the proverb “beats the iron as it is hot (act until it's too late)” and I didn't leave for tomorrow what I could do right away: I started working! But this was the beginning of the headaches I got into trying to see from where, all of a sudden, these American Democrats are fired for this nonsense with Socialism because this nonsense with Socialism is closely related to other nonsense of the American Democrats! What is socialism but communism ,history of socialism, history of communism? But who knows what they are!? And then who would be interested in what they are since they are self-destructive systems, failed, loser systems;I knew all this and that's why I asked myself:from where, all of a sudden, these American Democrats are fired for this nonsense with Socialism?!

Since when has socialism been known on our planet? WIKI_Eng-socialism states in the Etymology paragraph that:

“The term socialism was created by Henri de Saint-Simon (1760-1825), one of the founders of what would later be labelled utopian socialism, creator al unei political and economic ideology known as Saint-Simonianism that claimed that the needs of an industrial class, which he also referred to as the working class, needed to be recognized and fulfilled to have an effective society and an efficient economy”.

Since then, out of a thousand eight hundred and something, the term socialism has been used and some have implemented socialism in their countries where it failed, being self-destructive, and now in 2020, Bernie Sanders wants to ... REinvent socialism in America, one day saying socialism as in Scandinavia the next day saying socialism like never before!

Bernie, a millionaire in the American capitalist system, you better look for fools elsewhere, not in America where I and millions of other political refugees from socialism arrived, and you ignore this reality!

If you Bernie had heard of Charles de Gaulle you would have heard what he said in one of his quotes; when I last saw this quote it was the 6th quote, now look for it, you’ll find Bernie, Charles de Gaulle > Quotes: “I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians”!

Romania has kept its due respect to the one who came to this conclusion


All you show Bernie is that "the earth is round";

after socialism bypassed the earth three times he came to you and you think you discovered him, just as you think you discovered walking and hot water!

Mr. Sanders, with the slogan FREE, FREE, FREE


does nothing but brainwash young people and not only young people but also many American Democrats; Chapter III is dedicated only to this subject!

Many experts in socialism wonder:

- WHY does socialism return from time to time?

The answer is very simple, the experts:

- Because young people who want brainwashing with FREE, FREE, FREE are born from time to time! All they need is a … new Sanders!

What I don't understand is: WHY child molestation is punished very harshly by the law, and Brainwashing Children is not? I was born in a capitalist Romania at the time of King Michael I of Romania (Romania, not POPULAR , not communist, not SOCIALIST , only Romania), on a day of 1944 and I write my birth year only as a reference to the following lines!

My BIRTH CERTIFICATE says Romanian People's Republic (R.P.R. was the official name given by the Romanian state since the forced abdication of King Michael I, event held on December 30, 1947. So, my BIRTH CERTIFICATE says that I was born in a country, R.P.R. which was born, in 1947, 3 years after I was born, in 1944; this is one of the socialism / popular / communist mischiefs (seriousness)!.

Romania was R.P.R. until the adoption of the 1965 constitution proclaiming..... the SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF ROMANIA (R.S.R.) , on August 21, 1965! This is another mischief (also seriousness) of the socialism / popular / communist system, so today tomorrow otherwise, without the preamble!

I married Angela, almost 27 years later, in Socialist Republic of Romania (another ROMÂNIA, another… spelling), without this time any political change has taken place to demand the change from POPULAR to SOCIALIST .

From this Socialist Republic I fled with Angela in the summer of 1985 and we didn't stop until we hit ... America, in January 15, 1986, January 15th the day Eminescu was born, of course in another ... year!

The party that was in power all this time was called the Romanian COMUNIST Party –PCR- and had two general secretaries, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej and Nicolae Ceauşescu; maybe that's why two general secretaries of their party, the first one and … last one and two names for Romania, POPULAR and SOCIALIST ! In a few lines you have almost the whole history of Romanian socialism! My grandfather proposed to the leadership of their COMUNIST Party to name PCRul, to unify POPULAR-COMUNIST-SOCIALIST , to name The Romanian COMUNIST Party –PCR- to name it POPULA-SOC.COM Party (ask a Romanian guy what POPULA means; I do not have to ask because I wrote it). My grandfather had a problem with letter Râ, problem that I also have, but he did not catch the decision of the communist leaders, that they sent him to rest at Jilava prison. The country where I was born was the ROMANIAN POPULAR REPUBLIC, then the ROMANIAN SOCIALIST REPUBLIC and the Party that had the power was theRomanian COMUNIST Party –PCR-! That's why their system is a self-destructive system, a failed system because they were not even able to define it, in addition to other worse glitches!

So, I was born in Capitalist Romania of King Michael I, Romania then became… POPULAR on December 30, 1947 and self-destructed as SOCIALIST on December 22, 1989 with the shooting of the two Ceausescu, because that it was given to me to be born, but to die in America, capitalist country since birth (Independent from Great Britain: Declaration July 4, 1776, Confederation March 1, 1781, Treaty of Paris September 3, 1783 & Current constitution June 21, 1788; you had almost the whole History of America written by Google in two, not nine lines), to die in socialist America that didn't sound good, I didn't like it!?

If the American Democrats succeed what they said they wanted to do in America, socialism, I still have a chance, if that destiny will allow me, not to die in a country where I was not born but lived and from which I ran, a socialist one!

I hope to get away from America on the first day of socialism! If I live I'll see what it will be!

Seeking, writing, I returned to my life in the communist / popular / socialist Romania (no one has found a single word to define that roundabout system) where I saw on my skin what socialism is!

If you are more interested in the history of the two countries, the mouse is in your palm and you are in good hands, Google’s hands; just ask him what you want to know! You are like Allstate Ins customers: You are in good hands!

The REUNION with The head from The … White House

I saw Edmond and Răzvan again on August 17, 1986 at the airport in New York, where only I met them.
We didn't even have time for that hug of the reunion because we had to jump in a Taxi that took us to the terminal from which, in the last second, we caught the flight to Los Angeles where Angela was waiting for us! In Taxi, all three in the back seat, I gave the boys that hug I dreamed of for so long!

After a stop in St. Louis where we stayed overnight, the boys felt the first pleasant taste of life in America, we continued the road to Angeles the next morning! This is the joy of being together after more than ONE year with the head of the ... White House, tanned a la California:

Together-with-the-head-of_theWhiteHouse. I lived, worked, loved, after I ran, for 32 years (from 1986 until 2018, when I was scrambled to write this book) in America, a capitalist country, so I had enough experience of life, at least 30 years lived in each of the two systems to be able to get what the American Democrats want to bring to America, a system that cannot, in essence, be different from any other socialist system, system whose project neglected the natural nature of man, the protection of his family! Easy, I could easily find out where, suddenly, they got the disease with socialism in America; and I'll write about it in the book you just started reading!

When I landed with Angela at the airport in New York, arriving from Rome on January 15, 1986, we had just a suitcase with clothes bought from Rome's markets and the desire with which we fled from Sibiu to save Edmond and Răzvan, our sons, from Ceausescu’s Communist regime and those who will follow (those who followed him were worse than he; they established in Romania a capitalism COMING FROM Ceausescu’s communism, system that never existed and historians had not even foreseen it, with the riches of Romania (what would be a right word for what they did, stolen, taken, distributed?) in their private pockets from the common comunist property;

this is nice capitalism!

Fleeing from Sibiu to save Edmond and Razvan we were also fleeing from our parents and brothers! Everything we had in our luggage and souls when we landed at the airport in New York was EVERYTHING we had on the first day in America. Then we both said:
- We come to you adoptive mother, America, knowing that you can love us ONLY if we are two GOOD adoptive children; and we were! And we were loved by our adoptive mother, America!

In Italy we waited for 6 months for the decision of the US Embassy in Rome to accept citizens residing in America and then American citizens! They wanted to see if they would do a good deal by getting us to America! This book is perhaps the best answer! We did not come with caravans of illegal immigrants paid and organized by people like Soros and his Democrats who thus bought for it's those who vote with them!

I lived with Angela in a socialist / communist / popular country and in a capitalist, simply capitalist, long enough for us to compare the two systems we lived in, that we didn't walk through them! It wasn't hard for me to find out how, suddenly, American Democrats are being pulled by the disease of socialism in America, in 2018, and from where they select many of those who vote for them, but the fight is with the sudden stupidity with Socialism, closely related to other fools of the American Democrats, it gave me, on the one hand, big headaches, and on the other hand this work brought me back to my life in Romania and has been through my whole life here, that when I finished writing what I had started with a thought, ended with another title: “Well, of course I would have been born, if ... I knew!” (if I knew what my life would be like) looking at it as I was writing!

From Where, Suddenly, American Democrats, Got this Nonsense with Socialism

I started the book whose ADVERTISING you read it wondering “how this was originated, from where, suddenly, they got this stupidity with Socialism”?!

I didn't ask any Democrat from the United States Capitol, any of those with badges because I didn't know how to get there! I asked a few friends, Democratic neighbors; my curiosity prompted me to ask:

- from where your colleagues who want Socialism in America so suddenly, they get this nonsense with Socialism?

- I don't think Bernie remembers that either it was everyone's answer;

the other Democrats in the Capitol don't ask him, some listen to him and applaud him others boo him!

Bernie is certainly blindly following the plans of those who paved the way for him to be a millionaire, he says that by writing a book.


The book was bought by millions, those who they told him what and how to write repeating endlessly the slogan FREE, FREE, FREE:


Here are the ones who told him what and how to write:


They did not even tell him that:
The first event was Russian Revolution 1917 which led in February 1917 at the spontaneous overturning of Russian Empire and then in October of the same year, when taking power by Lenin’s bolșheviks and installing a communist regim”.

The Tsar of Russia was forced to abdicate in March 1917 then that Nicholas II of Russia, his wife Alexandra and their children died on the same day, July 17, 1918,


Died 17 July 1918 (aged 50)


Died 17 July 1918 (aged 46)

not in a car accident but killed by a platoon like this of execution. Do you have children Bernie ?!

In the same way, the transition from capitalism to socialism / communism was carried out in all other EXcommunist countries! Bernie, let me tell you Bernie since then in January 1986 when Angela and I were adopted sons of America having only the clothes on us you were only… 3 years older than me.

From then until 2018, when I heard this nonsense with Socialism, for 32 years we lived together in the same country (which I call America, our country and you call America, this country and Donald J. Trump I call our President and you call him this President… this)! I ran flying 10 hours across the Atlantic , I ran from socialism to capitalism and you want to go FROM capitalism TO socialism (I’ll see you Bernie when you go BACK FROM socialism TO … capitalism, like Romania and the other ex-communist / socialist countries).

So, obviously we can't have the same reality about the world we live in and it's normal to be like that because the set of information we have determines how we see reality! That is why here I am writing about socialism in my way of 40-year-old socialism that is not the same as yours, of one who wants socialism learned in America; and it is normal to be so! Now, if you want to look at my way and when you write a book about it I will be the first reader, so I see mine and you see yours!

32 years while we lived together in the same country, America, our country, I lived in these states:

Massachusetts the first six months only with Angela, California ( Southern California at the beginning), Missouri , Kansas (in Newton, north Wichita), Michigan , Illinois (in Homewood Chicago ) & Northern California since 2000; in 5 states, in six areas of which in three we were the whole Quartet , Angela, Edmond, Răzvan and… to write who else? I wrote this Bernie just to see that I saw our country that you are now reading about!

I consider you a man with a level of intelligence, everybody has his own capacity, level of intelligence, close to that of a genius and this factor took

you where you are, Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee (former Mayor, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, etc.) and current candidate, again, in the Presidency of America, BUT , because you saw your level of intelligence and of those people around you, you considered, you assumed, you suspected that your LEVEL of Wisdom, which you did NOT test hard enough, is EQUAL high and that is NOT so Bernie!?

Your level of intelligence is other fish food than your level of wisdom level of distinguishing what is GOOD from what is BAD , what is TRUE from what is FALSE , what is RIGHT right to do and what is WRONG to do! Intelligence and wisdom are human capacities of different natures! But there is only one IQ Intelligence quotient!

WHY only one if man has two different capacities? I don't know WHY there is only one, but I know that this is the root of many human confusions! If your level of intelligence Bernie is close to that of a genius, then your LEVEL of wisdom, associating yourself with communism ideas that you didn't know, just suspecting, how good they are, GOOD or BAD , associating with people who

have no God, your LEVEL of wisdom is close to the LAST level of wisdom I have seen in someone, you lost the sense of reality Bernie (common sense) and that made you lose so many CHALLENGES , the last one, the defeat against Hillary! Now you think you can win, first sleepy Joe, and if you miraculously win, Joe being the puppet leader of the Democratic Party, you will have to defeat Donald J. Trump to become President of the United States of America!

Joe doesn't even know who his wife is and who his ... sister excuses, accusing them for that: they switched on me; see here who's ... the ram, they OR sleepy Joe: Joe confuses his wife and sister, so it might miraculously defeat you, but you can only defeat Donald J. Trump UNLESS suddenly his supporters want America to stop being GREAT , chance 1 in 1 googol = 1.0 × 10100 (from this googol took Google its name)! You had a chance for success Bernie when you realized that your level of intelligence is close to that of a genius, then if you have seen that your level of wisdom is NOT EQUAL with your level of intelligence, you have been looking for someone to help you, as other very intelligent people (the clever, people call those with a very high level of intelligence (every man has his level of intelligence); just as people call those with very high wisdom, wise people], as others have done, then you had a chance for success Bernie, BUT you did not seek as others did because your level of wisdom was, it is and will remain much different from how you believed, suspected, supposed to be, like that of a wise man! If your level of wisdom was as you thought it was, then today I didn't have the slightest fear of socialism in America! Intelligence makes $$$$ just working hard all your life, wisdom makes $$$$$$$$$$ in a second, in a flash of a DECISION ! I didn't find a more concise form to put together:

In everything I've written in the last few pages Bernie, if you replace your name with sleepy Joe's, everything stays true (except for a few technical details and the group of those people you associated with, people who had NO God)! People from the beginning of the world have had the freedom to choose FREE, FREE, FREE what do they want OR to become… puppets! Joe chose to be the puppet of those who want Globalization, ONE world government, ONE currency in the world and China… number ONE!

Bernie, do you know HOW it will be America if your socialism is implemented?

You told the youth (and not only the youth) what events have taken place in all countries that have brought down capitalism and in the false name of social equality and of FREE, FREE, FREE which, above all, was the LAST step in establishing communism and not the FIRST as in your slogans? I didn't hear you Bernie!

You told young people (and not only young people) that in Russia and many other places, after execution by an execution platoon it followed: violent Russian civil war, 7 November 1917 – 25 October 1922, 5 years in which many innocents,of the stupid ideas of Marx, Engels and Lenin died! That's missing in ... America, Bernie ?!

Does this have anything to do with you Bernie (and all your Democratic friends) do your best as the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution, which guarantees “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” to be abolished?!

Oauu, I can hear you Bernie: “Just in case”, “Better to be safe than sorry”! Smart, wise, full of wisdom Bernie, I did not know you so, thx. Bernie! The LEVEL of wisdom, which is a weighted arithmetic mean (weighted arithmetic mean because each decision has a different importance from the others) of the values of wisdom, is sometimes exceeded, sometimes lower than some individual values, that it's an average, as in this case Bernie!

Bernie, the United States is not Scandinavia or a small country of it like Sweden with a population of 10.33 million, California only has a population almost 4 times larger than Sweden, it is United States , you count how many states there are, each with His-Her Governor , those with red they don't want to hear about your socialism! “So What”, like Nadia? You are not Nadia, you are Bernie!

Why don't you tell the truth to those to whom you are prophesying socialism in America? Because You can’t handle THE TRUTH!

Bernie, to those who told you what and how to write the book they then bought it with $ millions give them back all $$$$$sss, be free as long as God has allowed you to live and walk daily through New York parks; to see then how beautiful is FREE life! Don't forget, first of all, to do what some people say Marx and Engels did, to tell all the young people (and only the young people) who

followed you, to say, "Young people in America (and not only you) ... forgive me!" They didn't know what they were doing to you because God left man, to believe anyone until he hits all the walls alone like Sarah Jeanne Browne explains wonderful!

I found the answer with which I am satisfied, connecting the things I knew about them with those then I find out every day, things that were connected in a solid chain, I’ve got my opinion “how this was originated, from where the American Democrats suddenly, they got this stupidity with Socialism”?!

If you want to know the answer I found and possibly compare it with your disturbance, unrest then please wait until I find a partner who will translate this "book with a mouse" and together will sell it and you will find out my answer!

In solving problems with all known data, in which the points are known, the solution is joining the points! When you need to search for the data you need to unite to solve a problem, in this case the problem being: how this was originated, from where to your American Democrat colleagues suddenly, they got this stupidity with Socialism, then the solution is in a totally different way!?

I learned this totally different from Mr. Presley (I'll write a lot about him in this book).

When you need to search for data to unite them to solve a problem, build small, little links Eugene, Mr. Presley told me, to join in a chain of links. If the chain is SOLID , like this:


then you found the solution to the problem, Eugene! That's what I did to find out how this was originated, from where to your American Democrat colleagues suddenly, they got this That's what I did to find out how this was originated,from where to your American Democrat colleagues suddenly, they got this stupidity with Socialism, making links from what I saw (with my eyes, from the source that was there, hahahaaa) OR I heard them from the source (with my ears hahahaaa) OR I have reviewed and re-tested them (with my eyes and ears hahahaaa),day by day, in the reality of the world! You can add to my links, other links you know as real links and build your own chain!

What do you want most beautiful, reader: a simple pensioner like me, not a political retiree, to write how he sees a political event: “where does the American Democrats, so suddenly, get this nonsense with Socialism” and all this only from hearsay as he likes Nani (so his name remained on my brain, Nani) Dobra, my former football colleague, who quoting Friedrich Nietzsche (and I on him… slightly modified) published in…??? : “Only great pain (hardly instigated) is the supreme liberator of the spirit; thanks Nani!
Hope this helps to make your decision easier to wait until I find a partner!

First link:

The Bilderberg Group.

Nobody likes lectures. This is the last thing I intended to do at the first link, you to take it as a lecture; no, it's just a novice's opinion, OK?

If you’ll read that my opinion is of a novice, not to believe that I have a short memory and I repeat myself because then I am a novice as now! And, maybe you'll ask me, WHY I write about things that I consider myself a novice? All the great writers were novices when they wrote the first book and they became great; I asked each one of them WHY and he answered: novice! There will be topics where I am an expert, a self declared expert, not a novice! How do I know I'm an expert? I didn't even see a written line on that subject, and if I didn't see it then surely you didn't see it, and I saw that there are many people who would have liked to have known what you will read!
Let's get serious!
I once read on the WIKIPEDIA web page about Bilderberg Group that:

“the founders of the Bilderberg Group were the tycoons David Rockefeller and the banker family Rothschild”, but … that web page no longer exists on WIKIPEDIA, it was replaced with Bilderberg meeting, which does not mention who the founders were the founders of the Bilderberg Group! This is the most challenging part of writing a book with a mouse for launching Web’s links almost every day links change! So, how can I show you who were the founders of the Bilderberg Group? No problem, I will make a 360 degree turn, I will use this link: Bilderberg Group! What the heck, are you gonna say! What the hell language is that? Do not worry, it is my language, Romanian! I will be your translator just to show you that the Romanian WIKIPEDIA still keeps that information about “the founders of the Bilderberg Group” as they were in the English WIKIPEDIA translation when I first search for the Bilderberg Group (challenging, right?): The third paragraph begins as follows: "The Bilderberg Group is an organization with a globalist agenda, which includes political leaders from the Western world, businessmen and academics ”! Daniel Estulin, born in Lithuania, wrote in 2009, which he thought it was the True Story of the Bilderberg Group!

I was at the crossroads and I asked myself: on what road should I take it so that I can build a link of a SOLID chain? And I kept going on the road started on, Bilderberg Group: “The founders of the Group were the tycoons David Rockefeller (how Rich Is the Rockefeller Family Today?, yes, $318.3 billion) and the Rothschild family of bankers”. How rich is the Rothschild family?

They don't even know! Some say that: the Rothschild family holds about 80 percent of the world’s total wealth, yes, 80%, but does anyone know how much of the wealth of the Rothschild family is in the world?

If a family, Rothschild, has 80% of the world's wealth and that's the only sure thing they knows how to do, $$$$$$$$$$$ of the $$$$$$ they have, then who can believe that now, after accumulating all they have through the INequality of the nations of the world, they want to make a New World Order for… others and NOT for them? I do not! George Soros is their soldier who became General Soros and would do anything for them and for him and his family!

See how easy it is to read WIKIPEDIA written in Romanian? I, a Romanian, can easily read WIKIPEDIA written in English, and you, an American, can easily read WIKIPEDIA written in Romanian! We both have to open a Romanian American business and we will be rich like ... Rothschilds or at least like ... David! Let’s do it! The Bilderberg Group made the plan, they set the strategy and had $$$$$$$$$ for the implementation of a New World Order, for the Globalization of the world!

Without $$$$$$$$ not even the best plan, with the best strategy it canNOT succeed!An essential part of Bilderberg’s strategy is: Divide and Conquer - idiom, so that they will not join together against one, the Bilderberg Group, so they can get quiet ALL they want!

David Rockefeller’s chilling 1991 speech at a Bilderberg meeting surprised, even shocked the political world!
This article was published on March 21, 2017, the day after David's death by Kalee Brown and then published on March 28, 2017 (a week later) in a concise form of GTG,

David Rockefeller dies - the MSM airbrushes his deadly role as slavemaster - Written by Kalee Brown , expresses the concern of the author who also began to reflect on David's views on the world.

I will only refer to what Kalee Brown wrote in the article published by GTG:

”Time and time again he pushed for a New World Order and a one world government, which would allow the elite and world bankers to hold complete control over the global population”.

Only now, the day after David Rockefeller's death, did you wake up Kalee? But better later than not at all; what you wrote in the end Kalee, even though it was written in 2017, it will help many people know what they did not know; this is pure gold Kalee, thanks Kalee:

”This got me thinking: Do people even understand the gravity of the situation at hand, or what a one world government would mean?”

Just to pique the reader's curiosity I extract from it GTG Kalee Brown article about David Rockefeller’s 1991 Speech at a Bilderberg Group Meeting:

- MSM =MainStream Media

- Bill Clinton also attended this meeting

- Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán says: we all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros. He went on to say that “the mouth is Clinton’s but the voice is of George Soros.”

- We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

- Is there anything about the New World Order, Globalization WITHOUT George Soros name şi al MSM = MainStream Media?!

There is no difficulty in joining the dots or to build small links to join in a chain of links; thanks Mr. Presley! Have fun!

Not long after, David Rockefeller added to the "New World Order with a World Government '', he added & one world currency!

Then at the United Nations Business Council, Annual Ambassadors' Dinner, in September 23, 1994 David Rockefeller started to say (is presented as False David Rockefeller Quote?): “We are on the verge of a global transformation,

“All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”!

the plan of a New World Order - Globalization was enunciated by the tycoon David Rockefeller one of the tycoons of the Bilderberg Group and the plan, strategy, and $$$$$$$$ss began to flow from there, I will call this plan of New World Order - Globalization the NWO-G Plan!

I wrote


in my native language, in Romanian. I have translated this ADVERTISING into English, but I will not translate anything else; I will look for a professional translator. I did web searches in both languages until I found the one that was best suited to the context. That is why some texts are in Romanian with English translation, and others in English with Romanian translation!

Second link:

The NWO-G Plan, like any plan, must be designed (and they made the project with their strategy in it), but then it must be implemented on the ground, that is in … the world!

There, on the field, they sent one of their soldiers, George Soros, who arrived on the ground ... General Soros! General Soros used a method other than the Communists who, in implementing in Russia the plan of Marx, Engels and Lenin, they killed Nicholas II of Russia and his family and in Romania the communists exiled King Michael I. The General bought with Bilderberg’s $$$$$$$$ all the elite where he wanted to implement the NWO-G Plan (Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and all his other puppets in Europe, Asia, America)! Here is the picture that the General keeps in his bedroom; I did not take it but one who knows what he is doing, I just picked it from Google's garden as a rare flower and as Ienăchiță Văcărescu wrote in the poem "In a garden" in the second strophe:

"If I cut it, it breaks!

If leaving it, I'm scared

That someone else is coming and pick it up. ”

“S-o tai, se strică!S-o las, mi-e frică Că vine altul şi mi-o ridică.”


Now he has one with Sleepy Joe

George Soros was, and remains, the soldier of the Bilderberg Group on the battlefield. He was successful with China, transforming it from a communist country on the same road as Mikhail Gorbachev’s Russia, in one of the most powerful countries in the world and with the European Union, but everywhere it came, sooner or later, at STOPs, with ... BRexit , with STOP from President Donald J. Trump and how many more come ?!

Ronald Reagan convinced Russia of Gorbachev to abandon communism and Soros and the American Democrats helped China dominate the world! How they helped China? By selling the wealth of America, putting $$$$$$ in their pockets of corrupt politicians! I no longer need to write a word; the truth, sooner or later, comes to light that why God has done the world!

So there are three types of capitalism:

Who can define that ... capitalist system?! Will be a Nobel Prize winner! This book with a mouse can help!

Third link:

In America, the strength of the NWO-G Plan, the New World Order - Globalization could only be achieved if Hillary Clinton, General Soros' puppet, came to be President of the United States and it was NOT to be! I saw General Soros in a TV interview before the Presidential elections, which left me speechless, but helped me find it now on the Web with the help of Mr. Google because I knew there was, George Soros: Trump Will Win Popular Vote by a Landslide, but Clinton Victory a ‘DONE Deal’! This link Soros ‘Done Deal’, in paragraph Claim says it all: “Billionaire George Soros predicted Donald Trump will win the popular vote by a landslide but lose to Hillary Clinton because the election is rigged.” I am speechlesssssss!

The New World Order wants a world with one world government, with one world currency & Hillary Clinton President of the United States of America!
Hillary Clinton President of the United States of America did NOT happen, even if the elections were rigged by Soros! That it didn't happen made EVERYTHING that has happened since the elections of November 2016 until today is upside down (cu curu’-n sus)! Bilderberg Group has seen the danger posed by Donald Trump since his election campaign putting America First Vision as a first priority if the President who was totally opposed to the one declared by George Soros as a definition of the New World Order, the Globalization, definition that I extracted from the paperGlobalizarea şi dilema identitară written on a .pdf file by Alina-Petronela NEGREA, from the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. I selected, for an easy presentation, only the first two pages of the 23 written by Alina-Petronela (those that interest): The-definition_given-by_George-Soros Beside this translation in this document, I will have more translations, for all very important parts of this .pdf file.

It's no surprise what's going on in America since then (November 2016): the desperate fight of the Soros Democrats, for the elimination of Donald Trump out of the way from the New World Orders, Globalization implementation in the USA! I think now you understand what I said earlier about the onset of headaches that I got into trying to see where, all of a sudden, this nonsense with Socialism, this stupidity with Socialism being closely linked to other nonsense of the American Democrats, these are they and they are not all, as they are not all the headaches I have been in!

Fourth link:

Donald J. Trump, from the first day when he Assumed office on January 20, 2017, put a STOP to NWO-G’s Plan, to Soros's ambitions! That's why the US Democrats, led by Soros, hate Donald J. Trump: not because he won the November 2016 election, but because winning them he put a stop to the NWO-G plan, Soros's ambitions and their plan will be STOPPED as long as Donald J. Trump is President of the United States of America!

Donald J. Trump's STOP of the NWO-G Plan has changed the whole dynamic of the world, and the implications of this STOP will come one by one! DE CE [WHY]?!

Follow the money Americans say as they set about solving problems what seems to have no solution! The Globalization Plan is the diabolical project of the SOROSists to make their $$$$$ TRILLIONS , as they did with the European Union, with China, which they propelled from where it was 20 years ago to the top of the world.

Implementing Globalization in America means that SOROSists $$$$$ s make … TRILLI-TRILLIONS ; America is … America! Trump, President of America, when he STOP the NWO-G plan did something that SOROS and Hillary did not expect, how to even get ready for something like that !? Donald J. Trump CLOSED the FAUCET for the SOROSists $$$$$ s the to make … TRILLI-TRILLIONS! That means follow the money! That is why SOROS's democrats are mad, because it does NOT flow neither one $ of those TRILLI-TRILLIONS whose FAUCET is CLOSED!

My way of completing a dissertation is by asking:

any questions, just like George Costanza he asks the people from the public laundry / dryer where he was with his friend Jerry Seinfeld in the clip:

Seinfeld: - You can't over die, You can't over dry.

America, please impeach, President Trump and even take him out from office and in November vote for a Democrat President, a Soros's puppet, and you will see the day after that day in November the American Democrats are working hard on their General's George Soros project, working hard on … the New World Order, the Globalization!

Now as I write this book with a mouse, the beginning of 2020 and I won't write about this subject (impeach President Trump), the US House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

What The Constitution required for impeachment it is very, very clear:

“The Constitution requires a two-thirds supermajority to convict a person being impeached. The Senate, under Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts leadership enters judgment on its decision, whether that be to convict or acquit, and a copy of the judgment is filed with the Secretary of State.”

The members of the Senate, after their affiliation with the political are as follows:

Affiliation Members
Republican Party 53
Democratic Party 45
Independent 2
Total 100

For the Senate to impeach President Trump MUST be two-thirds, 2/3 (2/3 of 100 senators = 66.6 senators, that is ALL 45 Democratic Senators + 22 Republican / Independent Senators) to vote impeach President Trump, which I think is IMPOSSIBLE ; The Democrats, when they started the impeachment procedure, they were under the influence of unknown substances because neither alcohol nor marijuana nor nitroglycerin can make you make such a decision, impeach President Trump in America's best moment of the last şpe-decades; that unknown substance can only be ... SOROS POISON :


All the problems of the world are caused by the fact that intelligent people have doubts, and the stupid ones have certainties.

I will write about impeach President Trump after the 2020 elections with a title inspired by Hillary Clinton's book title What happened which will probably have the title ”What happened with SOROS POISON?” All police novels, printed books, you read them breathlessly with their souls in your mouth to see who the killer is at the end. This book is also from this point of view other than the police novels, leave your soul to your mouth to see for yourself who is the killer AFTER you finish reading the book!

The implementation of American socialism, where everything will be FREE, FREE, FREE with Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, etc. money is not in the NWO-G Plan, in General Soros's plan!

The implementation of socialism in America was above all something that no one could get out of Bernie's head and became just a job the General gave his puppets to do, on the one hand, to have some work to do, and on the other hand to restrain President Trump from what he could have done without these brakes! The General did not have to implement socialism in Germany, France, Great Britain, and China for implementation of Globalization in these countries; All he needed was $$$$$$$$ to buy the ones he wanted for his plan (Angela, Macron, etc.)!
Writing this book, I approached the day-to-day conviction I had when I fled Romania, popular communist, Socialist Romania, that there is not only HEAVEN and HELL but also a special place where, at the entrance, it writes: For COMMUNISTS , SOCIALISTS and DEMOCRATS (where they will all be welcomed with open arms)! With these four links I built the chain that solves my problem: from where, suddenly, American Democrats got this nonsense with Socialism? I am still looking for a business partner for English translation of the entire book with a mouse. Then you will see my chain!

I wanted to write a book like those Mark Twain and Jack London wrote, a book that you can read and keep in the library as it was written, read it when you want it and the generations that will come after you, a hundred years from now!,

I had to define as mathematically as possible everything I wrote in this book, just like you and me to have a common denominator considering the multitude of meanings of a word, which can be both substantive, and adjective, sometimes verb! I do not write literature and therefore I do not want, as Twain and London wanted that what they wrote is grammatically correct I want what I write to be correct from every other point of view, in other words, I want what I write to be correct from any point of view except from a grammatical point of view, so you should not be surprised by any mistakes ... grammatical! In everything I wrote, I wanted what you read to be so well written that you could excuse any ... grammatical errors!

Using links to Google, to YouTube (owner … Google, from 2006, when Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock), to WIKIPEDIA , to dictionaries & other resources it was a MUST to use them.

That was "The need to write a book with a mouse", because only a mouse can launch Web links! On the other hand, and this I want to show in the book you read: the unlimited power of the Internet and the Web itself, and on the Web, the power of Google, the King of links between information; that's why this book is a book with a mouse , so you have something to click on the link! I wanted, and this was the first purpose of the book, to write, maybe the first one, to write a real book with a mouse! This purpose of the book is not a thing to do for an ordinary mortal, unfortunately, a realistic, doable, achievable one in 2020 and this condition led me to:

Seeking for HELP that may one day come

Google Books & Google University

Book links are scattered throughout World Wide Web, www, called short web and so I will call it from now on: web, (spider web), on the servers where they are placed today and not over a month or a year, but tomorrow or the day after, many of them will no longer be there exactly as they are today (they will be updated, but without the part I am referring to today, or even deleted) OR moved to another address!
The contents of all the links in my book must be preserved throughout the life of the book; only then will this book be like any of Twain and London's books, the same on the last day of its life as on the first day and this is not, unfortunately, for an ordinary mortal! Only Google will be over a hundred years from where I am seeking for it

today: HELP from Google that may one day come! I’m seeking HELP from Google, not from Larry & Sergey who are today where they are but tomorrow only God knows where they will be! Larry & Sergey explain here: The genesis of Google presented by Sergey & Larry their vision for Google’s future.

Sergey, proudly talking about the Google Foundation, shows that to grow Google, an essential way:


Is to have more searches & more healthy and educated people & to make the world a better place!

Larry explains: And this is how we keep our innovation running


but then we had a problem (we all have problems, Larry) because we had over 100 projects: OK I said here!
Sergey & Larry said:
1- for Google’s growth they want to have more searches to make the world a better place,

2- they have a TOP 100 projects,
and then I said to myself, looking for help that might one day come:
if they will have GoogleBooks, where every man can have a book with a mouse and, more, if they will have GoogleUniversity, then surely

they will have many more searches to make the world a better place! If Larry & Sergey (Sergey is the director of special projects at Google), they would get to see how I see how they can get what they want to get, then maybe GoogleBooks & GoogleUniversity will become their projects and my book with a mouse, a GoogleBook, it will become immortal like Twain and London's books (if it has the value of their books)! Now it is just what it is (with 200+ links preserved, on the server I rented for this book) and you read it as it is!

What is GoogleUniversity?

There will be GoogleBooks written for each subject of study: algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, music, etc. (GoogleBook_algebra, GoogleBook_ geometry, GoogleBook_physics, GoogleBook_chemistry,

GoogleBook_muzic, etc.). Each student will have his / her GoogleBook for each topic X that interests him / her, interest-subject X = algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, music, etc., not dictated by analytical program but written by him, from GoogleBook_X starting with grade I until ... no more writing! GoogleBooks will have all blank pages, unwritten; each student will write his / her own while reading a GoogleBook_X, row by row, page by page OR, if you prefer, the entire GoogleBook and then the next one!

All GoogleBook_X they will first have a link to the last scene in Chapter VI of this book called:

INSTRUCTIONS for using the LOGIC of each of us!

Why is this Chapter called “INSTRUCTIONS for using the LOGIC of each of us” and not just “INSTRUCTIONS for using the LOGIC of sentences”?
LOGIC of sentences is the science of logical sentences and is based on the definition of a logical sentence:

** A grammatical sentence is true if it reflects reality and is false if it does not reflect reality; a statement made in a grammatical sentence that is true OR false is called a logical sentence!

So in order to determine if a grammatical sentence is a logical sentence and therefore is the object of the LOGIC of sentences you must first determine whether it reflects reality or does not reflect reality, determine whether it is true OR false!
Only AFTER that,a sentence which you now know is a logical sentence, more than that you know if it is true OR false, only AFTER that can the sentence be

used in logical connectors, only 5 not 500, in reasoning, in Logic of sentences!

This is easy to do in many situations in our lives, but NOT in ALL situations and then each man has formed his LOGIC according to how precisely he can determine (and wants to determine) whether a grammatical sentence reflects reality or does not reflect reality, to determine if a sentence is true OR false! This real fact of human life, the difficulty of determining whether a grammatical sentence reflects reality or not reflects reality made the Logic of sentences, which is only one, become the LOGIC of each of us!

Unable to determine in ALL situations whether a grammatical sentence reflects reality or does not reflect reality man, inventive as he is, assumed, suspected, perhaps considered, if and as if about a grammatical sentence that would be true OR false, as it seemed to him and… as it seemed to him have used it in logical connectors, in reasoning, in the logic of sentences which he had in him given by God at birth, and if he had also heard of Moisil… then God with mercy!

Now comes the surprising part: very often the suspicion, the assumption, if and as if they happened to be as it was reality and so the sentence should be true OR false as it actually was … and the reasoning made to be correct, according to the laws of Logic of sentences. Of course, if all is well then the result of reasoning is also correct! But, I wrote and don't forget: very often the suspicion and the others happened to be correct and therefore the result of the reasoning was correct! This made people stop worrying about whether a grammatical sentence reflected reality or not because the suspicion, the assumption, can be considered, if and as if they worked wonderfully when they all happened to be… good!

Failure to determine in ALL situations whether or not a grammatical sentence reflects reality, combined with the fact that all of the above very often happened to be… good, encouraged everyone to have their own Logic! This is how the LOGIC of each of us was born, the Logic of Moisil's sentences being… too difficult to follow! So, the FIRST INSTRUCTION:

* USE Logic of sentence only if you can determine if every grammatical sentence you use reflects reality or not reflects the reality, when you can determine if a grammatical sentence is true OR false, so when you know it is a logical sentence!

* If it is not clear to you what the FIRST INSTRUCTION says then read it again and if even then it is not clear to you what it says, then if you USE Logic of sentences … you are playing with the fire singing I Didn't Start the fire, Grigore Moisil did it!

I want to emphasize what I wrote above:
even if a grammatical sentence is a logical sentence: True T OR False F, but if you DON'T KNOW how it is and you have presumed, suspected, considered perhaps, if and as if, then the logical sentence becomes an Illogical sentence and the reasoning becomes Illogical REASONING., something Irrational.

The results of Illogical REASONING, made without logical error but using Illogical sentences will be SOMETIMES, not ALWAYS

2) INCORRECT, false

(and this is the worst thing, in the book I will prove)

and you do not know how they are, because you assumed, you suspected, you considered perhaps, if and as if, as… true; the results will be UNCERTAIN, SOMETIMES CORRECT, true OTHERWISE INCORECTE, false; will be UNCERTAIN, not as you would expect: the results should ALWAYS be … CORRECT, true, that's why I said … and this is the worst thing!

Two things I must point out now, you will read them in the book:

a) For a single logical connector (reasoning), the negation N of a logical sentence p, Non, written Np, which has the meaning: Np = the sentence ** It is not true that what the sentence p states is true ** if for the truth / falsehood of the logical sentence p you assumed, you suspected (so you made an ILLOGICAL REASONING) … wrong then SURE the result is ALWAYS… INCORRECT, false; only for the other four connectors will be UNSAFE, demonstrated in the book!
b) I will not say as the Bible says in eight of the Ten Commandments “You shall not … this and … that and … the others” but simple: if you do not use the two INSTRUCTIONS then you are playing with fire; do it as you wish man, the decision is YOURS!

If you do NOT KNOW what the assumptions are, the suspicions then how can you expect to KNOW how the result of your reasoning is ?!


If you DON'T KNOW how they are your guesses, assumptions, suspicions then how CAN YOU KNOW how is the result of your reasoning?!
What is most important about INSTRUCTIONS for USE is this: as in medicines and accidents, most often the guesses, the assumption, the maybe is CORRECT and the result of your reasoning is ALSO correct if the reasoning was CORRECT, but when, very RARE, the guesses, the assumption, the maybe is INCORRECT then the result of your reasoning is ALSO incorrect and in the happiest case you get to ... hospital, Romanians say: OR at the ballroom OR at the hospital!
Just an example from the life of my mother Maria's large family, which illustrates what I said.

My uncle Gusti (Augustin) from Iclod, my mother's brother, went down hundreds of times to his cellar to get another mug of wine (the mug he had in his hand had just emptied it with his friends)! At the second mug it was always fragrant but everything went well. Last time it didn't go well !? Uncle Gusti, God resting him, descended into the cellar he slipped, his head hit one of the stairs in the basement and there was the end of it.

I would not have told this if this was the end of the story! His wife, Aunt Difta, who loved him as her eyes (and he loved her as well) was hospitalized. She never saw him again because the next day, after hearing news of his death, she died too, God rests her too!

Thus ended a love story that has always filled my soul with joy.
The pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last! The pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last! For details on Propositional Logic just please wait until I’ll find a translator partner and then click on the link to CHAPTER V!

WHY did I vote for Donald J. Trump President of America

On November 8, 2016, the day of the presidential election of the United States of America it was the first time in my life that I voted and it was for the first time for a simple reason : never before November 8, 2016 I was not motivated to do so!
In Romania no one's vote was necessary for the election of the President!? My friend and i never voted and the winner of the election has always been "The most beloved son of the Romanian people", as he liked to be called by himself, comrade Nicolae Ceaușescu! In America I devoted all my energy for making $$$$ for my family (politicians know this well, that people devote all their time to their families and they exploit our devotion) and so I did not have time for information my vote for the President of the country would be one ... educated!
This time I wanted to have and I had enough information for my ote for the President of the country to be educated and it took me exactly an hour and 30 minutes to have them! I wanted to have enough information for my vote for the President of the country to be educated because America where the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of my grandchildren will live was at a crossroads:
- the path of the New World Order, of Globalization, the path that America would have walked if Hillary had been President


- the path of independent capitalism for the people of America, the path that would have gone (and will go) if Donald J. Trump wins the vote to be President of America! Very simple!

In October, I saw on TV the last debate between Trump and Hillary: at University of Nevada, this picture is only for Mr. Trump, to see where he was on Oct 19, 2016; if Hilary looked too, no one could guess what would happen to her health: Final 2016 Presidential Debate (Full) | The New York Times. He, today the President of America, spoke as a businessman, as a capitalist republican with business and capitalism into his bloodstream!
As president and general manager of
The Trump Organization

Owner Donald Trump

and today he is

Net worth $2.1 billion (April 2020)

he always made the decisions for his money, winning OR losing as the decisions were good or bad, gaining OR losing for himself and his family.
The Trump organization also organizes … beauty contests. For this he owns a television company in New York, who makes television programs, including the reality TV show, The Apprentice! All this he created with an

essential purpose (I am not his biographer, to know all these from his mouth and I neither am a mind reader) to train his family to communicate with a wide range of people and with this way to make a NAME in the world! The NAME , the result of all the components that define it: intelligence (talent), the wisdom of your decisions and the confidence (personality) that results from the successes, which you acquire one by one and which become internal engine, the NAME gets Presidential votes and President Trump knew all this better than anyone!

I saw Nadia Comăneci's show as an Apprentice and I'm starting here with ... the end of Nadia in “THE Celebrity APPRENTICE”, Episode #2: Trump: Nadia, you’re fired! You have Nadia's show in 6 + 4 = 10 minutes:

Celebrity Apprentice Board Room Episode 2 - Part 1 of 3
Celebrity Apprentice Board Room Episode 2 - Part 2 of 3
The end of Part 3 of 3 you saw it at ... the beginning!

Donald J. has only associated himself with wise men; you can learn this lesson, to associate yourself only with wise people, by seeing OR reviewing Board Room Episodes. When he have been mistaken for someone who seemed wise and has not, some people know how to play they seem to be what they are not, Donald J. had the drug: You are fired!
If you want to see what Donald Trump thinks of most people then this is a good place, and if you want to know Nadia and what communist regime means from the mouth of the Goddess from Montreal , here is the right place: 1991 Nadia Comaneci!

One of Nadia's answers to Joan Rivers' questions was especially tasted, by me! Guess which one? Hahahaaaa:

Joan Rivers: Do you work out every single day?
Nadia: Yes, yes!
Joan Rivers: Do you get crazy doing that?
Nadia: Well, I am crazy doing that!

If the goddess of Montreal had a show “The Apprentice of Presidents to become famous in SPORT ”, then it would be like this: “Nadia: Donald, J. you’re fired!”, but such a Show has not yet been created! I think Nadia and Donald J. are the best known personalities (a Romanian and an American) in the world: a President and a Goddess! This means a capitalist system, conceived on the basis of man's natural features, as God made man and then built upon this conception.

She, Hillary, spoke as a Socialist / Communist Democratic politician (who I knew from ... Romania), bind (to recruit someone for a certain (reprobable) activity by attracting him through promises, pressures, etc.) from those with lots of money, corseted in doctrine, making promises never honored, just like that ... into her bloodstream! As a politician, what she still is, she made all the decisions for the others' money, winning OR losing just the political position (political power) she held! I haven't written yet, but I like to repeat (what do you say about Ducu, do you go?), the two candidates for the Presidency, Donald Trump made all the decisions on his money while Hillary

Clinton made all the decisions on the others money of only because this is the DIFFERENCE of the conception that underlies the two systems,

capitalist and socialist and their construction follows ... conception and ONLY one is victorious, the one conceived on the basis of the natural features of man, as God made man! I have seen many people who fled, even risking their lives, fleeing from communist Romania to America but I did not see ANYONE fleeing from America to Romania! I saw Romanians returning to Romania after the Ceauşescu shooting on December 25, 1989 in Târgoviște! They didn't know WHY they had fled to ... America! That's why it took me exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to get enough information to make my vote for the President of the country an educated one! Why then half of Americans vote for Democrats Socialists / Communists; that's not my business, and my business is only one, to do a little but good?!

Although my vote in California, where I live for 34 years, didn't count for Trump's victory at electoral votes to be elected President, California being a state sold to Democrats my vote doesn’t matter for Trump's victory. I wanted to vote for Trump even for one popular vote, and with Angela's there were two! Where do I know California is sold to Democrats you will ask?

I know, because I asked the niece, or granddaughter, I don't know exactly what she was, the niece or greatgranddaughter’s Harry S. Truman, smart girl I worked with in Silicon Valley, in Santa Clara, for a Y2K contract with HP (with his niece, not with Truman that I put the comma where I was supposed to), I asked her what she knows about California being a state sold to Democrats, and she told me:
- Eugene, my grandfather, or great-grandfather she said, an inveterate Democrat (who has grown old in democrat doctrines), was the 33rd President of America and was President 8 years, you saw in the link above that she did not lie to me: Presidential term:

April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953 >>> 8 years from: April 12, 1945. Party: Democratic Party and he followed the other, what do you think Eugen, that you get big with the fact that the numbers are your best friend and you are the best friend of the numbers, grandfather, or great-grandfather as she said, what President of America followed? I think, but I'm not sure I'm not sure about anything anymore, I think the ... 32nd, who was President until the day your grandfather, or your great-grandfather took over his reign, after Harry was his vice president 8 years, took over on April 12, 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential term: March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945 >>> 12 years, since … April 12, 1945 I answered; Roosevelt was President only 12 years because on April 12, '45 he ... died! Party: Democratic Party and then you wonder why California is a state sold to Democrats if 20 (I think that's what you're sure 8 + 12 = 20) years uninterrupted had a President belonging to a Democratic Party, and Republicans didn't know what that was ... impeachment !? Grandfather, or great-grandfather as she said, promised Roosvelt when he was on the deathbed that he would continue the effort to replace the system with electoral votes with a system based on popular votes, when forever and pure forever will no longer

compete with Republicans, but it failed because, I say now, Soros's plan with Hillary was STOPPED by Mr. Trump!

They also tried (and keep trying) to replace direct voting with postal voting, because they learned something from Stalin (It doesn't matter who votes. It matters who counts the votes. Iosif Stalin) and they knew (and they still know) how to count them!

Although my vote in California did not count for Trump's victory in electoral votes to be elected President, California being a state sold to Democrats, and I knew that my vote would not count for Trump's victory, I only voted for ONE single popular vote. All of the 55 votes cast in California were granted to Democrat Hilarry, Trump did not get a California electoral vote, but he obtained 306 from other states, more than necessary, 270 to be President of the United States. According to the American electoral system all electoral votes are granted, they go into the pocket of the candidate who gets the most popular votes in that state.


At a meeting of the Communist Party, the secretary of that organization is severely criticized Iţic:

- Iţic is not as devoted to our communist cause as all the other party members are,

- Iţic does not sweat by working as hard as the other Party members,

- Iţic up, Iţic down!

Ştrul, laughing, says to Iţic:

- Now, I want to see you Iţic, how do you get rid of the shit the secretary of the Party organization put you in?

- Do you have a 100 lei banknote on you? it was ... Iţic's answer! You have or you have not, Iţic asked aggressively!

- But what do you need now in the middle of the Party meeting?

- Ştrul, you have or you have not, replied Iţic, this time angry, if you have it then lend it to me and it will give you the loan back in 10 minutes!

Ştrul pulled out the 100 lei banknote from his pocket and gave it to Iţic!

After the secretary of the Party organization ended Iţic's criticism, he asked Iţic:

- Comrade Iţic, do you have any answer to the criticisms brought?

Iţic, calm, got up on two feet (that he had so many) and left the whole assembly mute as he spoke! Then, still calm, he sat down from where he got up on two feet (that he had so much)!

- Iţic, you were astonished at how you defended yourself and how you turned the criticisms against the one who rubbed you, the secretary of the Party organization. How could you do that, said then Ştrul?

Iţic, took out the 100 lei note and handed it back to Ştrul:

- Ştrul, this is my debt for your loan, OK? And then I see that you appreciated that otherwise I speak when I have some good money in my pocket!

If She was like Him then I would vote for Her, but …!

All four elements that decided my vote I put them in one sentence: I knew the positive difference, which can be seen today, between America with a President like Him, a capitalist leader and one like Her, a Socialist / Communist puppet, educated vote! If She was President then today


America first would be Illegal immigrants first and America was somewhere on the path of Globalization and for the next four years, under Her Presidency, America, Romania, China, Mexico, Afghanistan and the other countries had only one government and one currency (the soros)! Here, where I extracted this screenshot, only in 3 minutes and 27 seconds:

President Trump's Six Months of America First you can see His whole vision of the world we live in!

MakeAmericaGreatAgain (MAGA) was the logo of the election campaign of the 45th President:


He was criticized for not specifying AGAIN when… when? To those I answer: as when Angela and Eugen were adopted foster sons of America, when the President was, 8 years, Ronald Reagan (was he a Democrat or a Republican?) and now they are also American citizens; I wrote … also American citizens because we did not give up Romanian citizenship!


is the logo of this election campaign!

I think the logo would have been better: KEEP AMERICA GREAT 4EVA ; inspiration from here:


that I picked from here: TRUMP 4EVA!

Trump President of America 4 EVER ? Why not? Dmitry Medvedev sent me a message that he would like to show President Trump how he can be President of America 4 EVER , just as he has shown Vladimir Putin, that he can be and still is today since May 7, 2000! Simple scheme: only he has to change President _ Prime Minister & Prime Minister _ President with the scheme President_Vice President & Vice President_ President, but to make it work that's the trick! You heard that word: theory as theory BUT the practice kills us?

So is this scheme the trick is hard to apply, some who oppose it must be eliminated and that's the bad and the hard part: The assassination of Boris Nemtsov & List of journalists killed in Russia!

Some who oppose it should be eliminated if either of the two conditions for being President of America 4 EVER is not there:

1) He, the President to put his first generation and wants to keep it GREAT 4 EVER and this is what Trump wants and knows how to do:


we worship God

2) His people know and want the SAME thing as him! That's the wound and to heal her it takes a lot of hard work, but it can be done! If only half your nation wants you, President, and the other half "Do NOTHING, just obstructions" then all this idea remains just ... idea, like the idea with Socialism in America (hahahaaaa), but they do not know this;

let them swim on the beach of their ocean! You can help them, because you are their President explaining to them the steps of implementing socialism / communism in Tsarist Russia, in 1917 and then in all the ex-communist countries of Europe under the command of Joseph Stalin, after the defeat of Adolf Hitler in 1945; I wrote this in CHAPTER 3, it only takes two hours of ... political consultation!

I answered Medvedev by asking him not to get me into this political work and to talk directly to Mr. Trump; this is your job, the Presidents, the Prime Ministers, the Vice-Presidents, not mine!

Because Donald J. Trump worship God 4EVA I will vote like that!

One evening during dinner, Angela surprised me with a question:

- Gelu, you're still trumpeting that 4EVA you will vote like that, fine! But do you know WHY Hillary, after she didn't become President of America, even though the election were rigged by Soros (you saw and heard this rigged right from her puppeteer's mouth, the puppet master). I didn't call him that, puppet master, but Jon Stewart, which from you I understand is the puppets master’s master, so don't get me into what you and Jon came in with Soros; Gelu, I'm just the postwoman of these ideas! WHY Hillary did not seek revenge in the 2020 election and she disappeared… writing?

Angela, let me enjoy tonight's food, or do you want me to have a few extra glasses of wine to drain down my throat? I can see where, Mrs. Columbo, you want to get! I read a few pages from her book What happened! At first, after describing President Donald Trump take office, in which she participated with her husband Bill Clinton where together they watched President Trump's oath, very painful moment that she described like this, I quote from her book:

“Deep breath. Feel the air fill my lungs. This is the right thing to do. The country needs to see that our democracy still works, no matter how painful this is. Breathe out. Scream later!”.

Angela, I haven't read anything else in her book but I know how WIKIPEDIA (not me) described the contents of the book:

“In the book, also, Clinton tries to explain the combination of factors that led to her electoral loss, including James Comey, Vladimir Putin, Mitch McConnell, The New York Times, NBC, WikiLeaks, the American media as a whole, sexism, white resentment, Bernie Sanders and his supporters, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and finally herself, specifically her comments on putting "coal miners out of business" and labeling her opponent's supporters as a "basket of deplorables"!

I don't know WHY Hillary didn't seek revenge in the 2020 election, and I think that's the only reason you asked me, to make me realize that you know, Mrs. Columbo! Tell me not to die so stupid, please, I added when I saw her menacing eyes: "Without please you don't hear anything from me"!

- I would have sought revenge said my wife Angela, as in fact any other woman of good faith would seek, if I was convinced that I was stolen by the Presidency and that I am better than him! She did not do this because:

a) although she was convinced that she had been stolen by the Presidency because she has too much to blame for defeating so many others, and what she said about coal miners and the labeling of Trump supporters is just an expression of her character by no means pleading guilty to her guilt, she would have sought revenge, but

b) her puppeteer, the puppet master, did not want to see her again after the defeat and without him, without … rigged elections she is … dead; her puppeteer had a more serious problem to solve: the continuation of the NWO-G Plan STOPED by President Trump!

- Congratulations Mrs. Columbo; I am confident that the choice “I Do” I made in April ’71 was the best choice I could make: wife and… detective, two from a fire!

For an explanation of the phases of impeachment I chose this help from Google: Impeachment explained

“The Constitution charges the House of Representatives with the “sole power” to investigate, and if necessary, impeach a president by charging them with committing “Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Once the House of Representatives votes and passes Articles of Impeachment against the president, the president is then entitled to a trial.
Once impeached by the House of Representatives, the accused president is tried by the full Senate, which is presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. If convicted by a 2/3 majority, the president is then removed from office.” When I started writin this book with a mouse, I hadn't even heard of impeachment! Because it has become an important part of the purpose for which I write the book, to find out “from where, suddenly, American Democrat got this nonsense with Socialism”,

not only did I have to read, to understand what I had to write now, President Trump's impeachment, but to follow step by step the entire process of impeachment; I have learned something else that I must introduce to you because you will read about it and you will have the opportunity that when I sell the book, long after is ready in December 2020, read it for free for as long as possible you will want (you will know how).

Thus, you have the opportunity to see the opinion of an innocent person in major political events. Here you read nothing more than the opinion of an innocent in the matter of which Charles de Gaulle you saw what he said:

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians”

it is safer left in the hands of … novices!

I stopped writing about impeachment in February 2020 when COVID-19 stopped letting me write and now you read what I wrote until I stopped writing, NOT the events that have taken place since then until now when you read, hahahaaaa; you will read them after I'm resuming the writing of this book with the mouse.

I'm not sure how I will start after many will be happening in America? I'm not sure, but I'm sure I'll start the other way with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels? They first said in The Communist Manifesto, “Workers of the world, unite!”, and later they changed, say some with whom Marx and Engels bonded from under the ground and when the two creators of Marxism saw what Lenin, Stalin, and all the leaders of Soviet Eastern Bloc did as well as those of the other countries that have traveled in communism COMING FROM capitalism & capitalism BACK FROM communism they, Marx and Engels, would have said:

“Proletarians of all countries ... forgive us!“

Many have said or written this, forgive us, those who had something to say, Marx and Engels (and did they write something good?), Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders? Just joking, NOT yet!, why wouldn't I write ... conversely like them?).

I first said "Democrats from all countries… abandoned!", and then I will change it to: “Democrats from all countries ... forgive me!“??

I stopped writing on the day President Trump was acquitted: Trump Acquitted of Two Impeachment Charges even if “Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, joined Democrats in voting to convict, the only senator to cross party lines”.

The following were present to vote:

Republican 53
Democratic Party 45
Independent 2
Total 100 senatori.

Voting result:

Article I: Abuse of power

48: YES (IMPEACH Trump) NO: 52

Article II: Obstruction of Congress

47: YES (IMPEACH Trump) NO: 53


ALL Republicans (53) less ONE they voted NO (52) Do NOT IMPEACH Trump of Article I: Abuse of power!

ALL Democrats (45) voted YES, GUILTY (IMPEACH Trump) of Article I: Abuse of power!

ALL Republicans (53) they voted NO (53) Do NOT IMPEACH Trump of Article II: Obstruction of Congress!

ALL Democrats (45) + 2 Independent voted YES, GUILTY (IMPEACH Trump) of Article II: Obstruction of Congress!

The outcome:

President Trump ACQUITTED! If ACQUITTED it would not mean … ACQUITTED then in this picture from USA TODAY:

you would see those who wanted to IMPEACHed President Trump, you would see their pictures: Nancy & Maxine, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff above the heads USA TODAY was writing Trump GUILTY! God is not sleeping! I happily asked Google to show me the results of the impeachment of a Democratic President and he showed me this:

Bill Clinton impeachment Senate results

Articles of Impeachment, U.S. Senate judgement (67 "guilty" votes necessary for a conviction) >>> ALSO 67 votes required as well for Trump to be found GUILTY!

Article One (perjury / grand jury)
Party DemocraticRepublican
Total votes
Guilty NOT guilty
0 45
45 10
45 55
Article Two obstruction of justice
Party DemocraticRepublican
Total votes
Guilty NOT guilty


All Democrats (45) voted NOT guilty, do NOT IMPEACH Clinton, that is ACQUITTED in Article One (perjury / grand jury)!

NOT ALL Republicans, just 45 voted Guilty, 10 of them voted NOT guilty, that is do NOT IMPEACH Clinton, in Article One!

ALL Democrats (45) voted NOT guilty, do NOT IMPEACH Clinton, that is ACQUITTED in Article Two (obstruction of justice)! NOT ALL Republicans, just 50 voted Guilty, 5 of them voted NOT guilty, that is do NOT IMPEACH Clinton, în Article Two!

I learned something else:

1) ALL Democrats vote LIKEWISE; they are brothers and sisters (no comments … what kind of brothers and sisters)!

2) NOT ALL Republicans vote LIKEWISE; but they are also brothers and sisters, some of them really seem independent of the Party they belong to when it comes to the truth, but they are ... politicians and Charles de Gaulle said it all about them:

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians”!

I have written above:

“and you will have the opportunity that when I sell the book, long after the book is ready in December 2020, read it for free for as long as possible you will want (you will know how).

Here is how you can read it for free !?

Did you notice that at the two impeachment process in the U.S. Senate, where every time there were 100 senators, all the experts inthe laws of America, all the people of the law, had to vote Guilty OR NOT guilty in one legal case: The President of America is GUILTY OR NOT guilty of the charges brought by the House of Representatives!

The result for the two Presidents, Trump and Clinton was the same, with insignificant differences:

1) ALL Democrats vote LIKEWISE!

2) ALL Republicans vote OTHERWISE!

in the same case: The President of America IS guilty or NOT guilty!The question is NOT WHY because even a child from kindergarten knows WHY! The question is WHY the people of the law (and not only they) God has allowed them to be sold (to be bought) so cheaply, to make many … $$$$$$, hmmmm?!

Whoever has an answer that I like will read the book with a mouse, when it is for sale, for free!To help you understand how I see an answer I like, here is an example:

"Near midnight a driver hurries to get home, passes the red, thinking he was alone there. It doesn't even go through the intersectionand the police car, with its sirens illuminating, calls for it to shoot to pool over. Surprised he looks in the rearview mirror and ...accelerates! The policeman also accelerates, the driver stronger, the police as loud and after a chase of a few good minutes reach over120 miles / hour. Seeing the danger the driver entered, he decides and pulls to the right!

- WHY did you drive crazy with my car behind you? If you give me an answer that I like I will let you go without any fine because I want to get home as soon as possible!

I want to get home as soon as possible!

- A week ago my wife ran with a cop, a mustache and sunglasses like you, as I saw you in the rearview mirror and I thought you were the one she ran with and now you want to bring her back to me! I see that I was worried for nothing!”

That's how the driver escaped without paying a fine! EVERYTHING so you can read the book with a mouse, when it is for sale, without putting any money on it, it will be YOURS for the rest of the book’s life on the web!

I started writing this scene with the intention of explaining WHY did I vote for Donald J. Trump President of America, and I reached this end of the scene:

WHY did I vote for Donald J. Trump President of America

and 4EVA I will vote like that!

Thanks Google, you give each of us the joy to feel like a lover who can pick from your garden even a single flower (how I chose this speech now) with which to surprise his girlfriend: where the hell did you find this flower, my love? Thanks Google.

The strong motivation for writing the book

The strong motivation for writing the book started from Edmond and Răzvan, Angela's and mine sons! Often on family birthdays, holidays or sometimes just with them for a glass of Tequila or Courvoisier, passionately I told them short stories from our life, from Sibiu to Antioch California, fascinated by what they always heard they told me to put all of that on paper for them and their children, they would say “would be a book like our life, a life like in a story”; will be a book as in a story, Gene!

I write about 40 years living in Romania and then about a year in Germany and Italy fleeing to America and I arrived,

as the US Embassy in Rome approved, as a political refugee, refugee from Ceausescu's communism, from Roma to New York and from there to Boston where Sandu Răducanu, our sponsor, waited for us and took us at his house in Stow (66 Saw Mill Rd. Stow, a wonderful place); with 4 links from Mr. Google I could show you how we got from Rome to our sponsor house in Stow Massachusetts! Thanks Anita, thanks Sandu!

In America, I lived with my family for the last 34 years, where I started to write the book, a book with a mouse that will address a large audience, so do not be surprised why I do not directly address the readers of Romania and of Germany, Italy, America; write to anyone who will get to read what I wrote! Without Larry & Sergey’s Google I couldn't have written a book like this, a book with a mouse, and a book without a mouse I do not know how to write!!

Many times when I added a single line to what I had written before then I wondered:

- How did Eugene want to publish the crap you wrote so far WITHOUT this line; without the added line, what was written so far seemed unfinished, it seemed incoherent! All these added lines came as they were dropped from the sky while watching a football match on TV. Last time I watched a football game and something dropped from the sky immediately I said: WITHOUT my prayer every morning, all I have written so far has no value and I decided not to watch TV at any football game and I put my prayer here!

This is the prayer every morning, in which I put everything that has been best in my life, thanking God I say:

- Thank God you brought me into this world in the house of my parents, Grandmother Maria and Grandfather Vasile (as they were known when they were gone); wonderful parents who have done everything for us, their four children, to have a beautiful life but to which I did not thank them as much as they deserved and as much as I should have done when we were together; that's why please God give them a hug, a kiss and a thank you, give them from me!
- Thank God you made me as my father and my father as you, loving father of all your sons God;

then I say:

- Thank God you have been with me all my life; I have always felt you near me, as in these days when you put my every step where it needs to be so I go on a straight path, on a good road and when I put it in the mud YOU bring it back. In the heaviest moments, when I was in front of some abysses that I couldn't pass alone I saw you, you came, you took me with one hand and you flipped me over, to the other side of the abyss from where I continued my journey in life as if the gap did not would have existed!

I end my prayer as I began:

- Thank God you brought me into this world in the house of Grandmother Maria and Grandfather Vasile,

Thank God you made me as my father and my father as you God, after which I actually finish:

- I have the joy of God that I can bring you all these thanks every morning, from the window of my house, Amen!

I showed this ADVERTISING page to a friend. After reading it he said:

- Eugen, if only one of the Bilderberg Group from George Soros's gang (the puppets of the General in the band of American Democrats, Hillary, Adam Schiff, and so on) OR Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, if only one sees what you wrote then you do not reach the end of this year (of the year at the beginning of which I showed my friend what I wrote and I decided not to write anything in this turbulent moment, full of changes from day to day in the life of America, in the world's life)!

- My friend, I replied, I lived a life at the highest tension, full of things for which I had no training, I sometimes went through life as through fire, not like the goose through the water! I lived a wonderful, full, complete life,which filled my soul with thanks! I lived through some of the most wonderful moments of love and results of my work, acquired with much effort (with what I had given from God, from my parents at birth and then through everything I have stolen from someone who had something I could steal), that makes life worth living! To be honest and critical, sometimes caustic, I saw that there is no other true way to

live,as Charles Krauthammer had seen! I didn't play with my life, yes, the risk was my pleasure (as my mentor Lord' Grama well characterized me), I lived it, at the highest tension and I was happy! I can die tomorrow, my friend, I'll die a happy man! If I don't get to the end of the year then anyone will know that only one of the ones I mentioned above found me ... the end and then my epitaph will be simple: "He ran away from the communists in Romania and only one of them found his ... the end"!

Even if I die tomorrow (that could be so anyway if that's what God wanted) I know that I will die happy and death does not scare me, something else terrifies me and I do not know what to do: Michael Corleone şi Al Pacino (it sounds too nice not to write them like that together) have a memorable, real, true phrase in Godfather :

”When they come, they come after what you love ...”


That scares me and I don't know what to do, stop writing, shut up !? But I will not be silent and I will not write anymore, it is not my style, a style that I stole from Daniel Sihastru of Dimitrie Bolintineanu with whom I grew up and who is still alive in me (I will write more about those from whom I stole my style). I did read and reread until it entered my blood what Daniel Sihastru said to him, after he had finished his prayer, he said to Stefan of Moldova:

The head that bends the palos does not cut it,
But the chain humbly bends him!

So I'm not going to bow my head because I know what's next!
I'm trying to reserve for those they come after now (after those I love), I'm trying to book tickets, round trip when they disappear, for one of the planets here where flights are made only once every 50 years, return when you want, when they will disappear! Mr. President of the United States, I need your help; flights to one of the planets where I want to save those I love are organized by the World Health Organization with Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland , where George Soros is their father. WHO is asking me for a price that I will not be able to pay. President Trump, please add a few $$ to

NASA programs to save those whom I love from those who will come after them,


simpler, cheaper: just send George Soros there and the whole world will be happy;
without the puppeteer all the puppets will remain ... motionless, like the
NWO-G Plan will remain!
I know, I know what you're going to tell me:

- Eugene, with this book you want to influence the minds of a small group of people, the readers of this book, but what do we do with MSM, with Google, your friends, with Twitter, my friends, with… but I don't give you names anymore who want to nfluence everyone's mind to vote for Biden?

- One at that time President, one at that time!

I also told my friend that golden rows came to me as they dropped from the sky while watching TV at a soccer match and then that I do not watch TV at any soccer game because otherwise I will not finish the book! Sarcastically, as I know him, he told me:

- Eugen, if you watch all the matches from
UEFA Euro 2020 and then at all the matches
2022 FIFA World Cup and every match golden rows will come to you like drops from heaven, you still don't have to write a book like I want to read!

- Dude, I didn't say friend as usual, I think you're right about what would happen to me.

On the other hand, you say you read the ADVERTISING what I just showed you but I see that you just leafed it! A book how you (or someone else) wants to read and nobody can write !?

If you read and not just leaf you notice that many times when I added a single line to what I had written before then I wondered how I wanted to publish the crap I had written so far WITHOUT that row and how much the line added it was closer to the end I could see at what I was writing … the harder it was; without the added line, what was written seemed unfinished, seemed incoherent, seemed headless and tailed that no one would want to read!

What I didn't write anymore, believing that you see yourself alone, was that this terrified me, thinking that one day I won't write a single other line and what I had written so far seemed unfinished, it seemed incoherent, it seemed without head and tail that no one would want to read, this terrified me!

I never told my friend that I just cheated on him, didn't lie to him, that I continued to write until five days in a row I watched TV at a soccer match and no other gold row did NOT come to me like it fell from the sky and then I knew I had to stop writing.

Dude, I wrote this book with a mouse for my grandchildren, I don't doubt that the team "Eugen's grandchildren", under E.J.’s leadership, in which Lil Raz, Ethan, Ducu-Nathan and even Indica, the princes who already, at two years old,

she showed her business girl spirit they will guard this book with a mouse just as Iancu Văcărescu's followers guarded the Romanian theater as

he told them to guard it

“I gave you theater, you watch it / Like a muses’s sanctuary / With this you will soon be made known ...", is the beginning of the prologue of the will on the scene from „Cişmeaua roşie” on the occasion of the first show with a play in Romanian, in Bucharest in 1819.

The rest of the prologue is here:

“I gave you theater, you watch it With him you will correct bad habits
Like a muses’s sanctuary; Sharpen others mind,
With this you will soon be made known Finery to our language give
Through the news far away With Romanian words!”

Dude, even if these people you talk to dig my grave they won't be able to kill what I leave to my grandchildren!

- And how did your niece prove her business spirit Eugene?

- About twice maybe three times a month Angela brings Edmond's Indica to spend two days with us and then Angela also takes her back home; Angela is her commander here and she can't do anything without the commander's approval. Many times Indica comes to me:

“Grandpa, please open this for me": I understand what she wants from the gestures, not from her words.

I had a few attempts from Indica in which I was doing what she asked me to do “gran’pa, please”, until one day I told her "go to the grandma's to open your box" and she didn't want to. Only then I realize that she was asking me to do something for her, something that the commander, Grandmother Angela ... would not allow! Did she prove, my niece Indica, her business girl spirit, my friend, OR did not?! I'm not sure if my friend was me or someone else, if I talked to someone else or just dreamed I talked!?

I wrote this book for the team "Eugen's grandchildren" but also as an opportunity to say:
- Thank you adoptive mother, America, for having loved us! It was not only the two of us, Angela and I, being good adoptive sons, but the whole "Eugen's" team; we were and we thank you!

To prove what's coming, the demonstration is in my blood, I have to set the premises (a proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusion) of the demonstration! What do I want to prove? What's next, hahahaaaa! For this book with a mouse it takes a professional to do editing and proofreading in Romanian and English (Best Editing & Proofreading Companies)! Hourly rates are up to $300+ / hour! I called Edmond and asked him for a saving suggestion. In a second he told me: - Gene, you've worked consulting projects even for HP, and now you're writing about the strength of your

friends Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Google’s parents, and you ask me for advice like this ?! Go to your friends, to Google Docs (Edmond sent me this link on the phone in 3 minutes)! I make an example for you (and in a few minutes I had it), and if you still have any problems then let yourself make a book with a mouse!

I didn't know that Google did Google Docs, because I didn't need it until now, if I knew I would not hear "let yourself do a book with a mouse"!

My adoptive mother, America has opened my doors to all the best in the world! It just had to get me and my family through them with our eyes wide open; Edmond's advice on Information Technology has always been short and comprehensive, and Răzvan's in the financial ones, after his advice I didn't need anything else to finish the job!

Following is the prove, the demonstration:

With such an adoptive mother, America, of course you have whom to say ... Thank you!


I also wrote this book as a good opportunity to say:
- Thank you adoptive mother, America, and then to say:

- Thank you Mrs. Lotreanu, my teacher from the first four years of school, Thank you Mr. Bucur, my first math teacher from the 5th grade to the end of the 7th grade, which took me to the first math Olympiads, Thank you Pegasule Petrişor which you continued what the first two teachers had laid the foundation for, Thank you Ţâcule Munteanu who taught me that in any novel by Sadoveanu nature the moods of the characters in his story follow, and so in any artistic creation and Thank you Gheorghe Lazăr and… Gheorghe Lazăr High School from Sibiu, you allowed me there for the first eleven years of my life;

Thank you Romania for taking all these people on my way through life and Thank God you brought me into the house of my parents, grand’Ma Maria and grand’Pa Vasile!

As for what Edmond told me, stop making books with mouse, I would be writing now in Tribuna Sibiu: "What does it mean to make books with the mouse" ?!

Even if only one reader of this book will understand that Republicans want educated votes and Democrats want … purchased votes, purchased with promises that will not be honored, with FREE, FREE, FREE with Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, etc. money, I owed my debt to you foster mother, America! The President of the country determines the direction in which America goes four OR eight years, on a capitalist road OR on the New World Orders, of Globalization road, and this depends on whether the vote of those who go in November 3 2020 to vote have: educated OR ... bought votes!

First I wrote "Instead of preface" 150 .pdf file pages, the guide to the book I wanted to write with the title

“Well, of course I would have not been born, if ... I knew!” and I sent the guide to all my friends which I asked for their opinion / help on what I want to do.

A strong urge to write the book was the response from two friends to whom I asked their opinion/help on what I want to do.

a) As short as possible, without words: **, from my goddaughter Camelia.

b) The shortest possible text, but a very good answer, I could not believe that someone from the LGL of 1962, sees me like this:

Servus Eugen, write the book, congratulations for the title, that as smart I know you are, something good will come out! (We’ll see).

To the one who responded like this and remained forever in my soul, Olimpia Dumitru (that's what Limpi was called when we were high school colleagues), one day I sent her this message:


Song of note ... but there is no note for it, and for the rest a new word must be created because art or pure art is not enough, maybe artartartarttttt?!

People like those who created this video, with souls like them, I didn't know they existed. The soul of one of them entered my mind and exploded! Now I have to live the rest of my life with this explosion in my head; Now I have to live the rest of my life with this explosion in my head; it will be very hard, but it will be very, very fine: Angelo Camassa & Roberto Danova - It's Wonderful (Angelo Camassa - Tu Per Me )

What you answered Li it was, as Pegasu, my Prof' of Mathe', would sometimes tell me when I was solving a problem in a way he had not thought about, it is like a declaration of love; it helped me write this book with a mouse and to show you how little of who I am I was able to show you during the high school years saying “congratulations for the title, that as smart I know you are, something good will come out”! (We’ll see)”!

I wondered when I was reading your reply and then when I started writing:

- To which of these sixtyfti meanings of smart did Limpi refer ?! And just as when I was instigated to write this book, I was again instigated, reading your Reply:

- I have to show Limpi my high school classmate, how little I showed her that I really am and I started seriously to write! What you have read and will

read (I hope you will read Limpi) is who I am and there was then in ’62 neither the time nor the need to show you, like now… instigated to show it, and about which of the sixtyfti meanings of "smart as you are" you referred I hope that one day you will clarify me OR make me more confused!

Thanks Li! What you did for me to finish this book, whatever I wrote I couldn't say what you did for me and just writing this what you are reading can be the answer to what you did for me. I know the line you wrote helped me. I do NOT know what this book was WITHOUT it ?!

And just for that Li Love you Li, with the mind and soul of a colleague of 58 years ago for who you are today! In May 1962, in one of the last days of school at the Gheorghe Lazar High School, when the head teacher asked me "on what road do I want to continue my life" I answered, unprepared, just to find myself in the job:

- I want to study ... Electronics, without having anything in common with it, Electronics, then my classmates, Doina, Cati and Violeta threw themselves at my neck:

- You know what you're talking about, soccer player? At the Polytechnic Institute in Bucharest, the only place where Electronics was studied, competed for admission the best mathematicians and physicists from all high schools in Romania and you wanna get in there ?

- Not only will I get in there, but I'll … get out too, I replied to my colleagues; 10 years later thanking them for what they told me! And I ... went out, without ever becoming an real engineer ... electronics! You will read this story in CHAPTER VI.

58 years ago, three high school colleagues helped me, showing me their distrust of my potential, determining me that way to do what I said I do.

Now, 58 years later, you Limpi, my high school classmate only, not classmates like Doina, Cati and Violeta you helped me, showing confidence in my potential, determining it in this way to do what I said I will do! I learned how to do what I said I will do from the bunny with three teddy friends!? You will meet the rabbit who taught me this, I promise it and then to both you and him, I will thank you for helping me finish, if I said that I’ll finish the book about whose title you said “congratulations for the title, something good will come out”! Let's see how the book comes out, with the OTHER title ”? Thanks Li!

The strongest impulse was from my family, the first response from Angela. Because it has been all this time the engine of my work I will play intact the exchange of messages I had with her, I will not change a word; I kept it and it will remain ... kept Angi.

a) Angela's Replay after reading a few pages of “Instead of preface”:

About the book, I read until Edmond was stabbed, like his mother. I think I'll go back, now I read what they say: broadly. Congratulations, very well written and

beautiful. Too bad you didn't write about the miracle with the priest who came and held Edmond's hand and prayed, as Edmond told us, after recovering from coma, that it was floating up, everything was white, how he felt the heat coming into his body and coming down to him. He woke up from a coma and called home at night because he was hungry, we two ran to the hospital. The priest then disappeared and I never found him again. I am convinced that it was God or an angel sent by him. I don't know if you remember what the priest told us; when he was young he had a sister who was sick to death. One cold, rainy night, an old woman knocked at their door.

They left her in the house, she took his sister's hand in his palm and prayed all night. In the morning she left, no one knew who that woman was. His sister did get well and was alive when he told us about that. The priest said he felt he had to do the same to save Edmond.


b) My replay:


Thanks for everything you said. That was the reason I DID what I did; for you, Edmond, Raz and their kids! I will keep it, NOT the email, but the TEXT. I already COPY it where it should stay and use it until the BOOK is ready, IF ever?! This “Instead of preface” is just The guide for the BOOK. Anything I will get back from you, Edmond, Raz I will keep and use it. Thanks again, I need more comments as you read. Those from your email I definitely remember until the book will have it’s home, after that I do not need to remember, I’ll read it in the book!


I wrote at the beginning that: “To receive the approval of the American Embassy in Rome for the status of political refugee, the rumors in the refugee camp, because nobody knew anything but rumors, were that if you were a member of the Communist Party then America does NOT accept you! I was such a member of the Romanian Communist Party, after I turned 28 years old. And then I had other nights where the dilemma of Mârzescu killed me one night at a time. I will tell this at the end of this ADVERTISING”.

The end of ADVERTISING has come.

1) If I wrote in my application that I was such a member of the Romanian Communist Party then, according to the rumors,then the American Embassy in Rome would NOT approve the status of political refugee,

2) If I did NOT write that I was such a member of the Romanian Communist Party then, if I had lied, then the American Embassy in Rome would approve the status of political refugee! I am here in America, the American Embassy in Rome has approved the status of political refugee!

What do you think, reader? Did I write the truth OR did I lie?

If I were to say, dear reader, that I have lied and deceived America ever since and see that I am well-off in America I'd be an idiot as the one who proved it in 8 minutes, he is: Foreign Affairs Issue Launch With Joe Biden; it is neither

the first nor the last time he shows this, but it is only good for the implementation of the New World Order, of Globalization in America!

Because I'm close to the END of ADVERTISING I have to say now, in case I forget to write later, that the most important thing you need to know about me, so you can easily understand what you're going to read, is as the highest quality of my personality, which characterizes me, is this; (“My flaws are my main quality.
I owe my faults the little I did in this life.” Octavian Paler) to which I add mine:

- I know how small, very small is the sphere of my knowledge (sphere1) about the world I live in, taken from the sphere of minimum knowledge that it would be good to have not to make mistake after mistake (sphere2), which is another very, very small part of the great sphere of all knowledge about the world in which I live and YOU live too (sphere3); I know that!

My only small-great problem is that I forget this every morning, after I say my prayer and the 3 spheres become ... one, the sphere of knowledge I spend one more day until late at night, which is NOT (sphere1), as it should be! My only ... enemy, all my life, I have been! I didn't pay for anyone's mistakes but for MY mistakes! I hope this release will help make your mission easier!

E..J. (Edmond-Joseph), Lil Raz (Răzvan-Alexander; Alexandru as Angela’s father ), Ethan (Ethan-Vasile; Vasile as my father), Ducu (Nathan-Radu; Radu from his grandfather) şi chiar Indica (Indica-Haritina; Haritina from Angela’s mother), “I gave you this book, you watch it / Like a

muses’s sanctuary / With this you will soon be made known ...", will you know how !? If any of you know how, then I'm sure he/she'll write a book dedicated to … his / her grandfather Eugen!

Before the end of the ADVERTISING I must add something that is essential about the author of anything, an article, a speech, a book, anything:

* political affiliation: none!
* religious affiliation: to God.
Where does it come from?

When I was six years old, in 1950 and Romania was at a crossroads, the communists forced the Catholic priests to convert to Russian Orthodoxy (I also write what I understood later, not only then), my father sent me to listen with other children my age to the services of the Catholic priest Onofrei, at his home!

After a few months, the priest Onofrei disappeared, that's how my religious education ended!

All that remained in me after that was the religious education of my father and some occasions of life!

Holy Cross Monastery

The monastery where I go with Angela, with my grandchildren, I only at the feast of Easter, when on Good Friday (Good Friday) we go around the monastery together as in the time of Stephen the Great, then at Christmas and

at the baptism of grandchildren; Angela goes there much more often than I do, it's a wonderful place, like in Heaven! Angela, when she walks without me, does not walk empty-handed, she also takes a bottle of Corvoisier for the three fathers; they can't wait to see Angela, and when she leaves, one of them tells her to tell me all the good things from them and that she's glad I didn't forget their sins.

Holy Cross Monastery .Many Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Moldovan, Serbian and Greek Orthodox Christians (among others) regularly attend services at the Monastery; is our monastery!

Let's take a brief look at Holy Cross our monastery! At the table there we celebrated the baptism of our grandchildren, Lil Raz and Ethan, sons of Răzvan, with their godparents from Sibiu Sandrelia and Alex, moments when peace enters your soul and stays there until you close your eyes forever!

Very often, certainly more often than Angela who is with her grandchildren and does not have time for…computer, I watch the almost 4 minutes of the video just to recharge my batteries; I go there to our monastery in the comfort of my office and computer! I think I explained my religious situation well enough!

Each of these quotes could have been the motto of the book:

1 * Before you rush to criticize your wife for her flaws, remember that they were the only reason she could not marry a better husband!
I used it in CHAPTER VIII in the scene "The second fact of my destiny"

2* “I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians”! I used it earlier when I wrote about Charles de Gaulle.

3 * "Science takes revenge like a woman, not when you attack her, but when you … neglect her"! I used it in Chapter V on the stage “My teachers Mihai Drăgănescu and Grigore Moisil & my friend Tibi-Tibache”.

4 * Nonsense and stupidity do not come to man like all the others, alone!? They always come with insensitivity, contumely, shamelessness so as not to be easily … discovered!
The book doesn't have Moto because I didn't know … what to choose!

I've learned not to give advice, counsel to anyone if they don't ask me. When I want to give someone advice, counsel, then I ask their permission. WHY would I still do, two steps from the END, as I always did? So, for young people I have two advices:

1) The first idea, how to do something OR what decision to make, always PUT it under the ??? sign because it has not an ounce of thought, of wisdom, it came in a natural, automatic way to as all humans are made of; look for, thinking of a second way and also put that one under the ??? sign, do this until you have NO OTHER idea!

2) The wise man makes the best decision from a set of options. The very wise man creates another one when the available ones are not … enough! (I don't want to brag, I'm not like Trump… President, but I've done this a few times, as he did, hahahaaaa and it was … so good)!

What’s at stake on November 3, 2020?

1) For Biden:
a) EVERYTHING for him AND his son Hunter Biden !
Even jail if accused and convicted of spying with Obama on Trump , as Trump says in the last sequences of this clip if Trump wins the Election!
“Take a look at Biden, sleepy Joe, take a look at Obama and they spied on Donald Trump’s campaign! Those are the people, let me tell you something, they are the people that should be in trouble”, says Trump in the last sequences of the clip!
b) NOTHING for America, just for … China & NOW-G plan; that’s why Joe is here, for … them!
EVERYTHING for others, NOTHING for America!

2) For Trump:
a) NOTHING for him OR his sons!
b) EVERYTHING for America, for hard working people, to put America FIRST & keep it GREAT 4 EVER!
EVERYTHING for America, NOTHING for others!

3) For America:
a) The FAUCET of the pipe that the America's $$$$$$$s make TRILLI-TRILLIONS for anyone else just for the American people not, stays CLOSED if Trump wins!
b) The FAUCET of the pipe that the America's $$$$$$$s make TRILLI-TRILLIONS for anyone else just for the American people not, OPEN if Biden wins!
c) The implementation of the NWO-G plan will be at full speed if Biden wins!
d) The implementation of the NWO-G plan will still be Soros' dream… until he destroys Trump!

The Last Bomb

Democrats, Pelosi and Democrats desperately want mail-in voting. Hmmm, wonder why? Hmmm, wonder why?, writes the author of the article because he knows what he knows:

“Of course, the current COVID-19 pandemic presents Democrats with the perfect excuse to push for mail in voting—it’s all about “safety”!”.

I appreciate the author's explanation that Pelosi and the Democrats use COVID-19 as the perfect excuse because I have not seen any of them with any suggestion, at least a little, little one how to make the voting system used four years ago and… forty years ago, to make it “safety” in the presence of COVID-19, than desperately asking for mail-in voting, hmmmmm!

President Donald J. Trump and Republicans strongly reject this system arguing that it is exposed to fraudulent manipulations, manipulations that have occurred in the past in the US election and that decided the winner! Hmmm, I don't wonder why because I know why and when I know what I know I write what I know !?

Let's see first of all how the e-mail voting process works? Pulaski County-Judeţ explains this well enough!

So if it is exposed to fraudulent manipulation that decides the winner, then both (the blue & the red) can benefit from this and can do everything possible for their man, Biden OR Trump to win!

WHY then the blue desperately want this way & the red want fiercely the other way? That’s the hmmm, that’s the last bomb!

If you don't know WHY something is the way it is then you can't say you know that something; I know that! Therefore, only in a few lines, I will demonstrate WHY each team wants the President's election match to be played in their favorite court, vote-by-mail OR vote in person, that way winning the match !?

If the elections are made using the vote-by-mail system then the manipulations will be done in the interest of Democrats in all states where the governor is a… you guessed it, Democrat and in states where the governor is a Republican it will be so, that is, in the interest of the Republicans; both (the blue & the red) they know very well how to handle the envelopes at the Post Offices in their interest, only that the blue took the courses taught by, as I said before, taught by Stalin ; It doesn't matter who votes, It matters who counts the votes!

Mail only lacked the diversity the current situation of the voting system for the November 3, 2020 elections to make it … incomprehensible!

Biden will accumulate ALL the electoral votes allocated to the states with a Democratic governor & Trump will accumulate ALL the electoral votes allocated to the states with a … Republican, with small, insignificant differences.

Let's count them and see what the final score of the November 3, 2020 elections will be

a) This is the list of United States governors :

Democrats: Republicans:
State governors: 24 State governors: 26
Federal district mayor: 1
(District of Columbia)
25 26

b) This is Current allocation of the electoral votes The allocations below are based on the 2010 Census. They are effective for the 2012, 2016, and 2020 presidential elections. Total Electoral Votes: 538; Majority Needed to Elect: 270

Alabama R- 9 votes, AL Kentucky D- 8 votes, KY North Dakota R- 3 votes, ND
Alaska R- 3 votes, AK Louisiana D- 8 votes, LA Ohio R- 18 votes, OH
Arizona R- 11 votes, AZ Maine D- 4 votes, ME Oklahoma R- 7 votes, OK
Arkansas R- 6 votes, AR Maryland R- 10 votes, MD Oregon D- 7 votes, OR
California D- 55 votes, CA Massachusetts R- 11 votes, MA Pennsylvania D- 20 votes,PA
Colorado D- 9 votes, CO Michigan D- 16 votes, MI Rhode Island D- 4 votes, RI
Connecticut D- 7 votes, CT Minnesota D- 10 votes, MN South Carolina R- 9 votes, SC
Delaware D- 3 votes, DE Mississippi R- 6 votes, MS South Dakota R- 3 votes, SD
District of Columbia D- 3 votes, DC Missouri R- 10 votes, MO Tennessee R- 11 votes, TN
Florida R- 29 votes, FL Montana D- 3 votes, MT Texas R- 38 votes, TX
Georgia R- 16 votes, GA Nebraska R- 5 votes, NE Utah R- 6 votes, UT
Hawaii D- 4 votes, HI Nevada D- 6 votes, NV Vermont R- 3 votes, VT
Idaho R- 4 votes, ID New Hampshire R- 4 votes, NH Virginia D- 13 votes, VA
Illinois D- 20 votes, IL New Jersey D- 14 votes, NJ Washington D- 12 votes, WA
Indiana R- 11 votes, IN New Mexico D- 5 votes, NM West Virginia R- 5 votes, WV
Iowa R- 6 votes, IA New York D- 29 votes, NY Wisconsin D- 10 votes, WI
Kansas D- 6 votes, KS North Carolina D- 15 votes, NC Wyoming R- 3 votes, WY

25 states D will win 291 electoral votes!

26 states R will win 247 electoral votes! More states R (26), but fewer electoral votes, 247!

------- 51 states! 538 TOTAL electoral votes!

Final score will be:

Biden: 291 electoral votes! Majority Needed to Elect: 270, so Biden absolute CHAMPION;

The President of the United States!

Trump: 247 electoral votes!

That is why some desperately want this way & others fiercely want the other way!
What I had to prove… I proved!

Any questions?

Seinfeld: - You can't over die, You can't over dry

The theory as the theory, but the practice of voting by mail kills us!?

My family went shopping at Walmart , at Costco together with all the others, neighbors, fellow citizens, we made “safety” purchases in the current COVID-19 pandemic and we can also … vote!

As far as I can go anywhere it's my place to vote and I can leave my ballot, with my votes, in a box just like I did four years ago and the election workers qualified for this job will count them, not like Stalin but like an election worker, WHY then leave my ballot, with my votes, in a mailbox which could reach USPS with the votes I don't know who on my ballot and there at the USPS the unskilled postal workers for this electoral job could count them as Stalin ?!

There is too much: WHY then, maybe, the votes I do not know to whom, it could, too much to believe that someone well-intentioned wants that! People have to go, work somewhere; this is not eliminated!

Four years ago, on November 8, 2016 (when no one voted by mail), before midnight, before the voting process is over, when the votes counted so far have been 218278 NBC NEWS has announced TRUMP ELECTED PRESIDENT:


On the night of November 3, 2020 NBC NEWS will have no … name to announce! American post offices cannot count, even with Stalin's lessons learned, they can't count ALL the votes! When counting of ALL votes will end and NBC NEWS will do its duty as on November 8, 2016, nobody knows that!

A picture like this, Democrats and those who pull the strings of implementation the plan of a New World Order – Globalization in America, the NWO-G plan they missed with Hillary in 2016, do NOT want to see on November 3, 2020!

I suggest to you reader a business that will make you a multimillionaire (and me only a millionaire if you give me, for the idea, only 10 cents out of every $ you earn)! Open a single-bet betting agency:

Who will be announced the President of America on the night of November 3, 2020:

a) Joe Baiden,
b) Donald J. Trump,
c) Nobody?

Everyone who voted for Biden will bet: b) Donald J. Trump, everyone who voted for Donald J. Trump will bet: a) Joe Biden, to win at least something, the vote for the President of America OR in your bet! You will be the only winner of the bet, reader, betting all your money: c) Nobody! What do you say? I expect 10% of the winnings you will make!

Here you can see, when you have time, how it was on 3 November 2020:

Trump Wins Pennsylvania in Stunning Defeat for Clinton
1,727,125 views •Nov 8, 2016;

Election Night 2016 - Highlights ,

and here's something nice, ridiculously fun, made five days later by SNL:

Election Night - SNL !

When Chis Rock appears then the success of the comedy of any show is assured!

One last Thank you very much I have to address the exceptional Team of getsetgoweb who made my effort to write this mouse book a reality in the Website they created!

They are Jeffrey Ali, Senior Design Manager which convins me that the get.set.go Team is the best I can find in the world, then Mark Stanton, Manager – Client Services & Tech. Development that brought to the project everything I didn't know when he started the project and last but not least, the one who ended the whole team's effort with exceptional professionalism, Adam Smith, my last Senior Project Manager, my last one at get.set.go for … this project!

Thank you all.


There is NO ONE substitute in life for "make it in another country" OR about "make it in another continent" and what do you say about "make it in capitalism after you did it in communism"!

I am having the best time of my life, I have completed the ADVERTISING & the American Democrats are more turbid than they were yesterday!



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